Dream High

Finished watching this drama a few days ago.

This drama is really popular because of the celebrity casts (and cameos), but what attracted me to it was the story line.

I just love watching ‘talent school’ like this! Hahah… It’s always fun to watch the performance, so it’s still a plus even though the story sucks. LOL~

Unexpectedly, I really like Song Sam Dong’s character. Also, I.U. is really cute… Though after a few episode she stopped making her cheeks look fat (maybe it’s the producers’ decision?).

I really like watching the development of Jason & Kim Pilsuk’s love story. They’re so adorable!! XDD

Also, although I’m not fully satisfied on how things ended, at LEAST SamDong turned out to be K, AND he got the girl!! XDDD

Yay to Kim Sun Hyun!! XDD

I think everybody played their part pretty well… except the leading girl. Suzy from Miss A. I still don’t get why she’s chosen for the main role (either than the popularity of Miss A and the fact that the drama’s JYP’s project).

Problem is, she got lots of crying scenes, and although she can’t nail them, there’s lots of close-ups, which makes it impossible for viewers NOT to notice she can’t nail it.

She’s a newbie actress, I know that. But still, she should’ve been chosen because she got some sort of talent for acting right?

Dream High

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