Hi all!!

I’m Christina, a 20-something girl who’s currently living in Indonesia.

So now I finally created a blog where I can post my dress-ups, closet items, as well all some other stuff about life. Haha~ Most of my closet I post on poupee though… I’m really lazy to double post, so they might not made it here… >__<;; So do check out my poupee.

With fashion, my weakness lies in ACCESSORIES!! I really can’t hold myself when it comes to accessories. Somehow it always seem so… cheap? Plus with clothes, it’s too big to hide! XDD I so need a bigger closet… >__<

Accessories wise, I look for stars, crosses, wings, and crowns. Most of my accessories have those~ ^o^

My choice of pattern though is PLAID!! XDD I totally LOVE it!! Although I also love stripes and sometimes even polkadots. ^o^

I’m also gonna be channeling my passion for writing stupid love stories here. Do look forward to it and check it out if you have the time. I’ll really appreciate all comments and criticisms. It’s under the CKのプロデュース category.

So I hope you enjoy seeing this blog. And I really hope you’d comment! ^o^



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