We head to Zurich on a bus as trains are supposedly much more expensive. As nice as the bus was, 6 hours is a long time to spend just sitting doing nothing…

But guess what? The blue sky finally appeared! ^^


We were a bit lost looking for our hotel. The guys was in charge of looking for the way and ended up asking a lot of… LADIES! One actually did told us the correct way, but we were somehow still lost after that.

Anw, after a short rest in our hotel rooms (after we found the hotel) we head out to the old town area and just walk randomly (we might have a destination mind you, but as I know not where we’re going and not holding a map, our walk just seem random to me LOL).


I love how the European just place a cow in some of the randomest places… Btw, I say European there coz I saw one in Salzburg too of The Sound of Music.

L1070662 L1070661Love the random decoration of some buildings (can’t say for sure it’s a house or store). It was a fun walk.

We were surprised how different the cost of one meal is with Germany (and Austria). Everything seems so much more expensive in Switzerland!! And I miss German bread… 😦