Bern & Laussane

L1070959Blue sky!! I’ve missed you!

Actually, the sunset the day before we left Grindelwald was a sight to see. It was when we were in our hotel room after the trip to Blausee. So like I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve no camera or iPhone to take a photo of it!! It was gorgeous as the sky cleared for a bit to let the golden rays of sunset glow peek out of the clouds With Mt Eiger at the side.

Then the next day, the sky cleared.

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Bern & Laussane


L1070856There’s something magical about a gloomy day in Switzerland… ❤︎ ❤︎

I would like to note, once again, that I didn’t do any editing on my photos. I would like to think that I’ve already chosen the best photos to be displayed here. But I must come clean that it’s mostly because of my laziness. :/

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Salzburg (and Ingolstadt Village)

So, as I’ve mentioned, we only went to Munich to go to BMW World. Out of the 4 days 4 night we stayed in Munich, we only ‘explored’ the city 1 day – when we went to BMW World. When we reached Munich, it was already afternoon and well, shops closed at 5 so there weren’t much we can do that first day. We actually went to Ingolstadt Village on one day to do some shopping (we end up buying lots of running gear).

Ingolstadt Village
Ingolstadt Village

We spent another day on a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. We took the train to My brother held the map so I didn’t really know where we went. LOL! The sky was all gloomy… Our first stop was this public garden…

141 Up you goWe went to take a a picture at that big tree and along came this father & daughter pair. Aren’t they cute??

148 My turnDidn’t realize it ’til I saw it just now… I’m only wearing 1 gloves! LOL!

OK, a quick quiz. Did you know that Salzburg is home of the original sacher torte?

Me neither.

Heck, I didn’t even know what sacher torte was! All I know is Salzburg is known for classical music… and that’s from watching Nodame Cantabile a long time ago I think…

For those who, like me, don’t know what a sacher torte is, it’s this thing:

170 The original sacher torteNow you know. :p

It’s chocolate cake with a fruity… jam? in the middle… that’s the best explanation I can give… LOL! I personally love the rich flavour of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, so this just doesn’t sit right with me. The chocolate does tastes delicious though! And their hot chocolate drink is absolutely to die for!! ^^

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

We also ordered soup, and it was delicious too!

175 Bread

Basically everything was delicious! LOL! Actually all the desserts look delicious, if I had my way, I would’ve bought all of them! Hahah ^^;

After our fill of chocolate, we head out and visit this cathedral.


Everything is sooooo beautiful and intricate inside & outside. It’s beyond me how much time & effort is put to making one building. It seems like very nook and cranny is well thought out and has some intricate looking design to it.

L1070548Totally love looking at the ceiling!

180 Cafe MozartI’d love to stop by this cafe if I ever have the chance to revisit Salzburg.

We didn’t have much time, so after munching on some wiener schnitzel for lunch, we walked back to the train station.

One thing I remember is that when I sent out postcards from the nearby post office, I was quite surprised that it cost more than it cost me on Munich. Didn’t mind spending the extra dollar euro but… :/

I do hope I can revisit Salzburg when the weather is nice though. Cloudy sky always make everything look so gloomy…

Salzburg (and Ingolstadt Village)


073 BMW BuildingThanks to dad who wanted to revisit BMW World, I got to experience Munich during festival.

First of all, I gotta say… We almost never went to this trip. We almost cancelled and went to Japan instead. We went back and forth until finally we stayed with Switzerland. I had wanted to go to Italy and Paris – the usual Europe touristy destination, but my mom argued that Switzerland is the better choice since we went during winter time. Then we add Germany because of the BMW World.

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