From Zurich, we head to Lucerne. We actually made a stop at Mt Pilatus which was on the way but I thought I’ll just compile all the mountains into 1 post instead…

We arrived in Lucerne at sunset. After we checked-in in our hotel, we head out to look for dinner at the central station. The photo above is the gorgeous view we had the pleasure to see… I totally love the view!

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Seoul 2014

So if you’re following me on instagram or twitter or if you are my friend on facebook, you would’ve known that I just got back from a trip to Seoul. I went in a span of 10 days with 2 others. No tours involved.

I love to talk about traveling, so I think I’m gonna start sharing more about my travels here. I actually love all aspects of travel. From the planning, looking for places to stay, where to go and of course, the actual traveling.

I’m gonna do several posts on this so as to make it more organize (and also to motivate myself cos it makes it seem like I got something done :p). Now I’ll write about the planning stage. I always plan my holidays far beforehand so that I’ll get cheaper air tickets and also to give time for me to save up the funds needed for the trip.

First off, I’m gonna say this straight up. I went on this trip with the sole purpose of, other than having fun with friends, eating and shopping. I also don’t want to have such a tight schedule to stick to, so we stayed quite a while in Seoul.

There are many types of travelers and as for me, I always try to search for my flights and accommodations as soon as possible. I’m very flexible on the day-to-day schedule. I basically searched for the places that looked interesting just so I know, whether we’ll really be going to those places are another matter altogether.

For this particular trip, I had planned to try out scoot, the low cost carrier of Singapore Airlines, but since the 2 girls that went with me were flying from Indonesia I thought rather than playing the waiting game at Incheon Airport, it’ll be better if I join their flight.

So I booked Garuda Indonesia. We could’ve actually gotten better rates if we straight away booked the flight when we first saw it, but since we waited, we end up getting a pricier flight. AND one of the girl I went with end up taking Korean Air instead… so we did end up playing the waiting game in Incheon Airport. Mistake noted.

To make things easier, I shall let you know now that I’m traveling with 2 girls. One of which is my best friend, L, and the other is her high school best friend, R.

As for accommodation, I did research for a few guest houses, but we end settled for the ones that L suggested (her colleague recommended her places she stayed at when she went to Seoul).

Since it’s our first time to Korea (technically the second time for L, but her first time was like 11 years ago so it hardly count), we decided to try out the traditional Korean house in Bukcheon. And as I’ve mentioned before, we end up going for Manaedang, a place that were recommended to L.

148. Fresh flowers

Love how pretty everything looks, and the owner is very nice too! I have to say, the place is very small, so we are very lucky to have the whole house to ourselves! ^^

Breakfast was also provided!


Other than the strawberries which we bought the night before, everything else is provided for FREE! Yup, toast, milk, cereal, even the cream cheese!

Next is our guest house for the rest of our stay in Seoul. I’m very happy with our choice, Namsan Guesthouse, which is just across the street from Myeongdong shopping area. So on the days that we spent shopping at Myeongdong (mind you I got a few ppl asking me to buy stuff) we don’t need to carry things around for too long. Plus Myeongdong is quite central so it’s pretty easy to get around.

666. Namsan 2

Namsan Guesthouse has 5 buildings now, with Namsan 5 just opening its doors only recently (it wasn’t open yet when I made my booking). A little thing to note if you are booking Namsan 4 (and maybe Namsan 5) there’s NO sign whatsoever that indicate it’s Namsan 4/5. Just know that Namsan 4 is the building right next to Namsan 2 (there’s a picture in their website).

We had a hard time looking for it when we were there, and what with all the luggage we had to drag uphill, we were considerably tired and I end up entering Namsan 2 to ask for directions. And voila, it was next door! Haha~

As for our day-to-day itinerary, we only decided the night before… We were just winging it I guess. Also, we were pretty lax on timing, meaning that we spent quite a lot of time just sitting and relaxing at the numerous cafes you can find all throughout Seoul.

Seoul 2014