Bern & Laussane

L1070959Blue sky!! I’ve missed you!

Actually, the sunset the day before we left Grindelwald was a sight to see. It was when we were in our hotel room after the trip to Blausee. So like I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve no camera or iPhone to take a photo of it!! It was gorgeous as the sky cleared for a bit to let the golden rays of sunset glow peek out of the clouds With Mt Eiger at the side.

Then the next day, the sky cleared.

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Bern & Laussane


L1070856There’s something magical about a gloomy day in Switzerland… ❤︎ ❤︎

I would like to note, once again, that I didn’t do any editing on my photos. I would like to think that I’ve already chosen the best photos to be displayed here. But I must come clean that it’s mostly because of my laziness. :/

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From Zurich, we head to Lucerne. We actually made a stop at Mt Pilatus which was on the way but I thought I’ll just compile all the mountains into 1 post instead…

We arrived in Lucerne at sunset. After we checked-in in our hotel, we head out to look for dinner at the central station. The photo above is the gorgeous view we had the pleasure to see… I totally love the view!

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We head to Zurich on a bus as trains are supposedly much more expensive. As nice as the bus was, 6 hours is a long time to spend just sitting doing nothing…

But guess what? The blue sky finally appeared! ^^


We were a bit lost looking for our hotel. The guys was in charge of looking for the way and ended up asking a lot of… LADIES! One actually did told us the correct way, but we were somehow still lost after that.

Anw, after a short rest in our hotel rooms (after we found the hotel) we head out to the old town area and just walk randomly (we might have a destination mind you, but as I know not where we’re going and not holding a map, our walk just seem random to me LOL).


I love how the European just place a cow in some of the randomest places… Btw, I say European there coz I saw one in Salzburg too of The Sound of Music.

L1070662 L1070661Love the random decoration of some buildings (can’t say for sure it’s a house or store). It was a fun walk.

We were surprised how different the cost of one meal is with Germany (and Austria). Everything seems so much more expensive in Switzerland!! And I miss German bread… 😦


Germany & Switzerland


It’s been a while… haha… Soooooo… I shall not waste any more time & go ahead to my most recent trip (in February) to Germany & Switzerland.

First I wanna talk about hotels. Do note that this time round, I’m not involved in the hotel selection. That said, I have no idea how much the hotels costs… ^^;

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Germany & Switzerland