5 Minutes in my head

First of all, sorry for the super long hiatus. I was extremely busy with work on the second half of the year that the times I wasn’t so busy I spent relaxing. Like, seriously, I didn’t even go to gym much – resulting in my growing tummy…

Anywaaaay…. I just found out about this Writing App that challenges you to type non-stop for several minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.58.34 PM.png

Now, I totally thought there would be a text to follow but nope… You’re supposed to write free-style. To let your imagination run wild I guess? So yeah… With no guides what-so-ever to follow all I can write are things that I’m thinking about… So it’s like 5 minutes in my head… Haha…

This is what I write:

What do I need to type? Anything? My thoughts are super random and 5 minutes will probably take my mind absolutely everywhere. Though… I’m easily distracted… Maybe halfway through all progress will be deleted just because I can’t think of anything to say… Then again… Will it be alright if perhaps I type rubbish? Just let my fingers decide what to write? Like those actresses (and actors I suppose) on those dramas? I saw one just last night. The sound she was making… you would know for certain that she’s faking it. I mean… fake typing? Seriously? What’s wrong with really typing things? I mean boy 5 minutes sure is long… and uh… no paragraphs? I wonder whether it would allow me to keep a copy of this rubbish after my 5 minutes is up… Maybe I should write here for my blog… then at least there would be progress… or maybe not… Maybe I would fail miserably all progress will be deleted. Over and over again. Gosh, I wish my boss would just leave… Not that it actually makes any difference… Wait. I finished!

I was feeling rushed and yea… just typing whatever popped into my head. I have to say though… It’s good to sometimes write everything down. Not to mention good training to simply write more…

5 Minutes in my head

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