Bern & Laussane

L1070959Blue sky!! I’ve missed you!

Actually, the sunset the day before we left Grindelwald was a sight to see. It was when we were in our hotel room after the trip to Blausee. So like I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve no camera or iPhone to take a photo of it!! It was gorgeous as the sky cleared for a bit to let the golden rays of sunset glow peek out of the clouds With Mt Eiger at the side.

Then the next day, the sky cleared.

We can’t help but stop to enjoy the view!

IMG_7626It is NOT as warm as it looks! I mean, I thought it was. That’s why I didn’t wear my jacket when I came out of the car. I end up running around and doing crazy jumps cos I’m too cold (and too lazy to walk back to the car to get my jacket).

And then there was Bern.

L1070969It’s a beautiful little town, I wish we had more time to explore.

Bern is famous for its bears. Yeap, it’s not a typo. Bears. There’s this cage in the middle of town (or is it outskirt?) where there’s supposedly 2 bears living there. They were in their winter nap so we didn’t even get a peek… I do feel the cage was a tad small though…

We just had like half an hour to explore the city and obviously it wasn’t enough. There was this super cool store on sale which I wanted to explore but I just didn’t get a chance to…


Not much touristy spot though…

We then continue our journey and stopped at Lausanne.

IMG_7630Our first stop was this cathedral. Cathedral de Lausanne. It was a gorgeous building! And the blue sky is really the perfect background.

The inside is no less gorgeous!

L1070980After exploring the cathedral, we head to town for a breather and end up at a cake shop.

L1070983It’s a downhill stroll from the cathedral (which means a torturing uphill back to our car). We didn’t get to see much of Lausanne but what we saw was beautiful indeed.

On a side note, the languages suddenly changed to French on that side of Switzerland…

On another side note, please enlighten me. Anyone. The capital city of Switzerland is…… Bern? I googled it to make sure but all the while I always thought it’s Zurich (Geneve was my second choice)…

Bern & Laussane

2 thoughts on “Bern & Laussane

  1. Those are beautiful photographs! I’ve never been to Switzerland, but I always only hear amazing things about it!
    So, yea, Bern is the capital city. I also used to think it was Zurich, I remember being really surprised when I learned that back in middle school!
    Anyways, isn’t it random how they speak a different language depending on the part of the country? Haha 🙂

    1. The ciew was indeed amazing! I dunno about summer, but winter time in Switzerland is really something else.. ^^
      Bern really didn’t make the impression of a capital city. LOL it’s so weird that I didn’t know even when I was there!
      Yes, but thanks to it we can survive on the eastern part thanks to my brother ^^

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