L1070856There’s something magical about a gloomy day in Switzerland… ❤︎ ❤︎

I would like to note, once again, that I didn’t do any editing on my photos. I would like to think that I’ve already chosen the best photos to be displayed here. But I must come clean that it’s mostly because of my laziness. :/

Grindelwald is somewhere I’ve never heard before I’m going on this trip. Well, the only Switzerland cities I know before this trip would only be Zurich……….. and Geneve? >___<;;

So as we made our way to Grindelwald, we stopped by this rest stop & I decided to just lay on the snow………. and take this photo…

L1070850We stopped by quite a few times on our way actually…

L1070858I mean, seriously, the scenic view demands us to stop & enjoy!

IMG_7578That’s the salad I bought from Lucerne Hauptbahnhof thinking I could finish it. Yeaaa…. there was a lot of munching and I don’t see how people need so much greens in one go…

L1070868I knew not where we stop btw.

Heck, I couldn’t even tell when we entered the town…

L1070885They kinda all look the same to me… :/ If I ever meet a guy from Switzerland one day, I’m gonna ask him to explain it to me. Notice I said a guy there… cos even a geography lesson would sound interesting when explained by a good looking guy 😉

OK, I veered off topic there… back to Grindelwald.

We did stopped by Interlaken for lunch, but then when I browse through my photos, I only found this casino picture:L1070875I think it’s under renovation when we were there though. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t open…

Then there’s this guy:


What’s with all the cows?

We went to Jungfraujoch one day and explore the nearby areas the next day. It was all gloomy days… no sun in sight… 😦


What’s that you ask? Just a random street sign I answered. You’d have a better answer just googling it… LOL

This is Kandersteg:


We actually stopped by somewhere and made our second snowman (our first was on Kleinne Scheideg). This one looks more manly than the first. The first look nothing like a snowman… LOL

IMG_7594Sacrificed my scarf right there…

IMG_7597Note: I didn’t grayscale this photo.

Like I said… there’s something magical about a gloomy day in Switzerland..

We also went to this gorgeous blue lake called Blausee – which literally means blue lake or so I’ve been told. But just my luck… my camera battery died when I reached… and my phone was dying… so I didn’t get a chance to take much photos… 😦

IMG_7606The place was magical I tell you!!

This is me:


Kinda blurred… but I kinda like it… 😀

IMG_7616If you’re nearby, do visit this place! It took a good 10 minutes to circle the lake. More if you take selfies. ;p

Anw, that’s all on Grindelwald (and its surroundings). Next stop are Bern & Lausanne – the two towns we visited on our way to Geneve.


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