073 BMW BuildingThanks to dad who wanted to revisit BMW World, I got to experience Munich during festival.

First of all, I gotta say… We almost never went to this trip. We almost cancelled and went to Japan instead. We went back and forth until finally we stayed with Switzerland. I had wanted to go to Italy and Paris – the usual Europe touristy destination, but my mom argued that Switzerland is the better choice since we went during winter time. Then we add Germany because of the BMW World.

053 Super cool MiniBonus: super cute blue mini. If I ever have a car one day, it will be this. Seriously too cute!! XD

We came without knowing there will be a festival in Munich. It was certainly a nice surprise.


People dressed up and there are stages set up all across Munich for live music. There are stalls along the streets selling beer and snacks. The people are in high spirit – could be because of the beer…


There are all kinds of small performances all around – like this one for example. They just started playing at one corner and people would just crowd around the performers.

120 Alls funThe festive mood is in the air!!! Well, at least for those two it is… They suddenly strike a pose in front of me when I was trying to take a picture of something (can’t even remember what now…)

How about meals you ask? Well, I totally love German food! And by this I meant the breads!

011 BreadsBread bread bread! ^^

LOL! Every morning (and any other chance I got) I would buy different breads to try out. Love ’em all!! Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside!! And the croissants are also incredibly delicious!! I can’t stand only the sourbread. It just tasted weird for me… 😦

115 Welcome to Knuckle HeavenDun dun dun!

Haxnbauer – my favorite restaurant in Germany. It’s on the expensive side, but much better than the more famous Haubrahaus. The waiters are much more friendly too. HB waiters are borderline rude to us when we visited…

German beeeeer~
German beeeeer~
German sausages!
German sausages!

We had the best leberkase at Haxnbauer. If you’re low on budget, you can just get a cheaper version at most foodcourt. If you want to try a better one, try it at Haxnbauer. We had eaten leberkase at some other restaurants, but I got to say, they tasted no different than the one we got at the Hauptbahnhof.

Of course we ate some Asian food as well… The Thai place, Kaimug, near the Olympia Park (inside the mall 1 stop away) is really nice.

I feel like returning to Germany just to eat their breads! XD


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