Germany & Switzerland


It’s been a while… haha… Soooooo… I shall not waste any more time & go ahead to my most recent trip (in February) to Germany & Switzerland.

First I wanna talk about hotels. Do note that this time round, I’m not involved in the hotel selection. That said, I have no idea how much the hotels costs… ^^;


035 Cristal Hotel
Hotel Cristal

Our hotel in Munich is called Hotel Cristal and location wise, it’s very convenient as it’s located within walking distance from Munich Hauptbahnhof (central station). The catch? You have to walk through the red light district – topless bar, strip bar, slots, you name it. So maybe not for you if you’re traveling with an underage child. There is a few hotel right next to the central station, so you could check those out instead. 🙂

037 Our room 036 Mom & dad's room

Left is my room and right is my parent’s room. Note: there’s no single bed whatsoever! It’s great if you can get one of the renovated room (right) but if you get one of the old rooms like me, be prepared to be cold! The carpeted floor is damp all the time and I had to use my socks because of how cold it was. Plus the bathroom didn’t have a heated floor.

On the third morning though, because our bathroom light refuse to turn on, we got to move to a much bigger room!

038 Moving rooms 039 Comes with seating area

It’s got it’s own living room! And the bed’s actually made of 2 singles. The carpet was warm and the bathroom floor’s heated. Thank God! Sadly this hotel doesn’t come with free wifi… 😦 and the breakfast would cost much more than if you’d just walked over to the station.


Hotel du Theatre

Our hotel in Zurich was Hotel du Theatre. It took us quite a while to find it… One of the person we asked directions did gave a correct directions to us, but we got lost still… LOL

  L1070595 L1070599

This is the fanciest hotel we went to this time round. I really love the bathroom wall!!

L1070600 L1070598

And I think their amenities are super cool! I felt like taking all in the bathroom! The packaging was just so cool!

There’s apples and candies for the taking at the lobby too! So neat!


Hotel Pickwick
Hotel Pickwick

I’d say this is the coolest hotel we stayed at just for its view. It’s located right in front of the Kappelbrucke and my room happened to be facing it. I’ll be posting the photos another time.

The hotel is located at the old part of the city and is also a pub. I’d say it’s a nice place to stay if you’re traveling with your friends. ^^ Especially if you like to drink. It’s convenient when all you need to do is walk up the stairs when you’re done drinking! :p


The room itself is super small! I’d say we got cheated by Agoda. My parent’s room had 2 extra beds – which means we could’ve all stayed in one room but said beds are not listed in Agoda. So instead we had to take another room (and booked another room at a different hotel for our driver). Had anyone ever experience this with Agoda? I had a similar experience in Australia. My dad booked one of the hotel we went to through Agoda. The room that my dad booked had a maximum occupancy of 2 in Agoda yet as it turned out there’s a queen-size bed and a single bed and a bunk bed in that room! We could’ve booked just one room!



The Eigerblick hotel is where we stayed at. It’s a cozy little hotel – the building we were on at least. They do offer free wifi, but sadly we couldn’t get any signal from our room. So we’d have to go down to the lobby when we want to use the wifi.

The hotel offers sauna at the lower level. I did check it out the first day I was in the hotel but decided not to use it. It looks so nice too with the sauna rooms and baths. The thing is… I don’t see any separation between the gents and ladies! I mean, baring it all in front of other ladies is one thing but baring it all to… all? Sorry, I really can’t go there… All I can say is thank God no one is inside when I went to peek!!

The best part I would have to say is the breakfast. It’s the first hotel we stayed at that had breakfast included.

Regretfully, I didn’t take a picture of the room… It was a nice room though. The room itself is spacious and the bathroom had a bathtub. The catch for me is that they are using physical key (not a key card) and we only had 1 between the 2 of us…



I can’t remember I would say that this is the most unique hotel I’ve been too. It seems to be sharing the building with other tenants and so you’re given an extra key to open a door on your floor (normally you’d only have a key to the front door other than your room key). There’s quite a big open space in the room but the bathroom is super small… It’s ok for me to use (I’m 159cm), but I don’t think it’s going to be very convenient for somebody that’s of bigger build…

The interesting thing is that they provide breakfast – delivered straight to your room. I’d appreciate it more if we actually have a table to set the breakfast but alas, there’s only one working table and one chair when there’s 3 of us in the room. The contents itself is pretty basic: toasts, croissants, some jams & nutella, plus coffee or tea (they asked us when we checked in when we want our breakfast to be delivered and whether we want coffee or tea) and orange juice.

That’s all the hotels I stayed at during my trip this time. If you have stayed in one of those hotels do leave a comment! And if you’d like to share your experience on other hotels do let me know too!

Germany & Switzerland

5 thoughts on “Germany & Switzerland

  1. The ones in Munich and Lucerne look not too good, but the others look pretty okay in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed your trip so far. There is a lot to see in Germany and Switzerland 🙂

    1. The worst was the one in Munich.. The Lucerne hotel was actually quite comfortable.. But then again, I’m more on the petite size, so such space is still ok for me.. ^^

      1. Expensive cities, bad hotels. That’s kind of sad when it comes to Munich. But well, it’s always good when you feel comfortable on little space. That makes travelling way easier 🙂

  2. That’s funny, I live in Lucerne and I have been at Pickwick (or Piwi as we call it) many times for a few beers but never noticed that there is a hotel upstairs 🙂 Looks a bit tight though. But I am sure you’re right, if you say that the view is pretty nice. I hope you enjoyed your stay 😉

    1. I thought it was quite well known as it has good reviews.. The lobby is actually just at the back of the pub near where the dart board is…
      The room I stayed at does look small.. But it’s still quite comfortable for me at least. ^^

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