Welcome back to Reality

It’s the first working day of the year! Yay…. NOT!!

There’s this saying ‘returning to reality’ which some people (I’m not saying everyone!) say just to dramatize the whole deal, but I think it stands true for me.

I always feel as if I’m dreaming when I went on a trip, whether abroad or just return home. It’s that feeling of freedom after a long day of work when you feel like you can do anything you like. To just let loose and completely relaxed.

Whenever I got back, it’s like I’m in a trance of some sort. Like the time you just wake up, when you’re conscious and at the same time not really… all the normal routines seems odd for some reason and I kept thinking, “I do this everyday before right?”

Now that I’m 2 weeks back into my “daily” life, things are finally settling in. I even managed to clean my room! It’s a feat rarely accomplished I tell you! Woohoo! I also managed to get rid of some ‘junk’ that has been piling up in my room… double woohoo!

I do wish it’s February already though! I want to go on my trip!! XDD

So, how’s your new year going?

Welcome back to Reality

3 thoughts on “Welcome back to Reality

  1. i’ve been back to reality since the 5th!! and even though i only had a two years break, adapting to 2015 has been hard. there were too many changes ending 2014! everyone in my work team, except for one guy, is new! and my sister got married, so, she left and i have a new roommate. life is a bit strange. but i’m slowly getting the hang of it 🙂 the year started kind of weird, but it’s moving in a good direction 😉

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