I did this once… like 2/3 years ago? I had promised then that I’d do it yearly… and I did started to write 2012… but it never finished! (^_^;)a but yea, I’ll work on 2014 – which is more up-to-date and don’t be surprised if in 2015 there’s suddenly a 2012 post from me! LOL! I just don’t want to waste the draft I have :p

2014 has been such a blessed year for me and I hope it’s the same for you too! Truth be told, I didn’t really take much pictures this year. I mostly took pictures with my iPhone. (^_^;;) So note that I’ll be using a lot of my instagram photos in this post.

I had the chance to take a super long holiday during Chinese New Year this year (2 whole weeks!) and I get to visit my hometown and my grand parents as well! I also ate my first yusheng!

In February, I went to the dentist 3 days in a row. Not a pleasant experience, but necessary. No photos, sorry…

I started my #100happydays this month.

In my case, I felt stressed to have to think of what made me happy day in and out… I like to just enjoy the day thank you very much!

I finally get to fulfill my wish of going to Seoul with my friend. I say wish because we’ve been talking about it since we firstknow k-pop back in our university days. LOL!

With Haechi
With Haechi

And, though not a lot, we did get to see cherry blossoms! ^^ I did several post on the trip if you’re interested:

Pastor suddenly asked whether we wanted to go to JB with him after the first cell group meeting of the month. So we went after getting our passports from our home.

We ate and even had a foot massage!!

In June, I bought new shoes (after, like 5 years!) which marked the start of my training for Bali marathon.

Hello #newbalance #shoes 😍 #100happydays

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We had a short getaway to Bintan on the last weekend of the month. It was fun to just relax and have nothing to do! ^^

My family then went back with me to Singapore! ^^

In August, I had fringe!

Cut my hair last week.. What do you think?

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I can’t even remember the last time I had a fringe before this! LOL~

It’s the time to finally test out my endurance with my first ever run, 2014 Bali Marathon. Then did the Straits Times Run 2 weeks after.

#10km #bali #marathon #2014 #nofilter #finisher #medal

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I was pretty proud I manged to finished both! 10km for Bali Marathon really stretched my limit and though I only did 5km for Straits Times Run, it was very hot and I felt faint towards the end…

Because both runs sounds fun, my mom and I joined both Hello Kitty run and SIA Charity Run which happened in a single weekend. Though both runs was not even 5km, it’s still very tough to run 2 days in a row. We had fun nonetheless!


I’d totally go again!

It’s not hard to pick the best moment for this month.


My friend conspired with my housemate to surprise me on my birthday. I’m so blessed!!

Though it sounds cliche, I believe the best is yet to come! 2015 will be an even more awesome year!

As for a new year’s resolution, I want to eat more healthily next year. Less oil. Less sugar. And well, basically eat less. LOL! Also, I want to join more (10km) runs. This year I joined 5 runs but had only joined 1 10km run.. SO yea, more 10km runs next year! (^o^)/ Another thing would be to save money!! Which is polar opposite since the other 2 will need more funding :p


One thought on “2014

  1. 2014 seemed like an awesome year!! trips, food, and achieving goals!! i wish i could follow your example of starting to run!!! i also have a resolution of being healthier this year, so, hopefully i will incorporate more physical movement!

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