For those of you who have been living in a cave (like me) might just found out (like me) that YG had just debuted 2 boy groups in the past 2 years. It’s surprising because the last boy group they debuted was BIGBANG 8 years ago in 2006. Someone is my FB kept posting about MIX & MATCH, and after watching this cover of ‘Let it Go’, I decided I must watch it.

B.I. is amazing!

So I retraced the steps all the way back to last year’s WIN: WHO IS NEXT. In case you don’t know, it’s survival program by YG Entertainment to debut 1 of 2 groups: Team A or Team B under the name of WINNER.

Good looking guys dancing & singing. What more could I want?

I even put all the episodes in a playlist so I can replay it when I want… I know who the winners are from the start, but I still enjoy every episode. If you don’t (and don’t want to spoil the surprise), stop reading.

OK, so I take it I got your consent to start spilling the beans.

I think Team A totally deserve to win.  Team B really are good, but the way I see it, the work is done only by the 3 main members, the other 3 doesn’t really contribute much. That’s the way I see it anyway.

That last original song, ‘Go Up’ is very catchy don’t you think? That song had been on loop in my head ever since I first heard it…

Next, is a bonus. WINNER TV started right after WIN.

I can’t decide which one is funnier: Seung Hoon & Minho scream jumps on the snow or the Heir parody… LOL!

Last, it’s MIX & MATCH to choose iKON‘s members.

Completely amazed by Hanbin’s (B.I.) to choreograph and his music arrangements.

I’m happy that Team B ended up debuting together after all, but I’m kinda dissatisfied as there are not many distinct voices in iKON. I mean, they do sing well, but it’s just hard to differentiate them. Except Jun Hoe. His voice is amazing, though I don’t like his personality. Bobby’s rap is easy to notice, but other than than I haven’t been able to know who’s singing by ear. Btw, I love Junhoe’s voice, but he seems to be too arrogant in my oppinion :/

I love the original six, but I was hoping the 7th member (though I actually already know the result) be either Hongseok or the new guy. I’m not saying Chanwoo is no good though! Anw, I can’t wait for their debut in January!

Btw, like I mentioned, I’ve compiled all the episodes, so you can access all of them from the 1st episode I displayed here! ^^

Disclaimer: All videos are posted and owned by Mnet.


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