A Quick Escape

I say a quick escape, but in truth my trip to Bali on 12-14 September is for the Bali Marathon 2014.


Here’s the thing, though I used to really love to run, now I just don’t have the stamina. Even running to catch the bus (which is only, what, less than 1 minute?) made me gasp for breath like I just finished a full marathon. So, when my friends asked me to run, I told them straight out, “5km. Let’s do 5km first”. And so we sign up for the 5km fun run for the Straits Times Run, which is happening tomorrow, 28 September.

And so because I signed up for a run, I finally bought myself a running shoes. My old one is from before university I think. The rubber sole and become so slippery it’s become dangerous to wear. After my purchase though, my dad signed me up for the Bali run, and later signed my mom up too. The run is on 12 September. So now I end up doing a 10km run before my original 5km run. -____-;;

My preparation you ask? I did worry. But no action. I just can’t find the time (and, to be completely honest, motivation) to go to the gym and running outdoor is even more impossible for me. I did 1 run at the stadium a few weeks before the run and I only end up doing 1+ km. Then, one week before the run, I end up going 4 times to the gym. On Tuesday, the first time I tried to run long distance, I did 7.5 km on the treadmill. On Wednesday, I did 10 km. On Saturday I did another 10 km, and on Sunday I did around 7 km. My best timing then was some 1 hr 30 mins. I didn’t do anymore on the week of the run though. I was just too tired (and, yea, lazy).

So now would understand if I say I was dreading the run. The silver lining would be that I get to fly to Bali and had the whole Saturday to sight see.


Check out that awesome blue sea! And how cool is that pool??

The resort had their own private beach and you have to pay IDR 250,000 to enter the beach (but fret not, you can use the IDR 100,000 to buy food or drink at their restaurant/bar. It’s totally worth it too.

Karma beach

It’s such a beautiful beach, but the waves are really dangerous though. If you are interested in coming, I suggest to come earlier. It was not even lunch time when I was there but the waves go up to the sunbeds… I was walking quite a distance from the water when a sudden wave hit me from the back, resulting in a very wet shorts…


No idea who they are, but the beach is too pretty not to take the photo…


Mojito by the beach
Mojito by the beach

I had the refreshing ice blended mojito (there’s also the non-alcohol version) and drank it waaaay too fast that I got a bit tipsy. The weather was perfect btw. There’s cold wind from Australia so even though the sun’s up and the sky’s so blue, it’s not that hot.

Sunday, the race day, we had to wake up at 3 am because the roads will be closed for the run and we don’t want to get caught on the traffic. And had to wait for a while before it’s our flag off time.

L1060686I did it!! (^o^)v

And I did much better than I thought too!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 2.20.23 pmCan’t wait for my next run now~ ^^

A Quick Escape

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