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637. On the way down

I had wanted to post this a week after I posted the sight seeing list, but work had gotten the better of me. My colleague went for his vacation and it’s my turn to get stuck doing his work… had to work even on Saturday… >__<

So anyway, it will be a long list (with photographs) as I try to be as detailed as I can, so please do click the button below to see the rest!

Take a purikura wearing hanbok

Nearest train station: Angguk St (Line 3/orange line)

‘Purikura’, for you who don’t know, is a term used to describe the Japanese photo box where you can decorate your photos after you take them.

There’s one shop in Ssamziegil in Insadong where you can borrow hanbok (that’s traditional Korean clothes for those of you who don’t know) for free.

269. Tied at the back

Looks pretty legit right? The staff is very friendly and speaks good English, so we were saved.

If you don’t like the idea of purikura, there’s a free hanbok to borrow at Incheon Airport. It’s some sort of Korean Culture Center and you can actually borrow hanbok and take pictures for free. We didn’t get to try it out cos when we were there we didn’t see any hanbok in display. But yea, apparently you can!


Had a local artist draw/paint you at Hongdae Free Market

Nearest train station: Hongik Univ St (Line 2/green line & Gyeongui line)

Hongdae Free Market (yea, it’s seriously called that… They probably mean flea market..) is held every Saturday from 1 to 6 (not sure what time it ends but it definitely starts at 1). I would suggest you come a bit later because there are still a lot of stalls closed around 1. Hongdae is full of cafes and cute small stores so I’d say it’s not that difficult.


There are a lot of local artists at the Free Market. Each one offers a different style of drawing, so by all means, take your pick! 🙂 The price ranges from KRW5,00 to KRW10,000 being the most expensive (at least from what I see).

315. So pretty
The artist, the model & the work

Pretty cool huh? She didn’t sketch at all and it takes less than 10 minutes from blank paper to become that so I’d say she’s amazing!


Go creative at Trick Eye Museum and Ice Museum

Nearest train station: Hongik Univ St (Line 2/green line & Gyeongui line)

There a whole lot of beautiful art at the Trick Eye Museum, so go as creative as possible with your poses!

352. Milady

Do note that there are usually a lot of people inside, so you just have to be patient waiting for your turn to pose & take photos. There are a lot of artworks so you probably can just look for one with the less queue. 😉

Another thing to note is that the entrance fee for Trick Eye Museum also includes entrance to the Ice Museum. We didn’t know about this when we went there and we almost freeze inside the Ice Museum. Luckily the Ice Museum is not that big. So do remember to wear something warm (or just take a quick look inside?) when you go here.


(if you are a Christian) Attend church service at Yeouido Full Gospel Church

Nearest train station: National Assembly St (Line 9/light brown line)

Fact: Yeouido Full Gospel Church has the largest number of congregation in the whole world. The sheer size of the main hall is already amazing, but the fact that it’s a full house and there are multiple service timings is just mind blowing!

Yeouido Full Gospel Church main hall
Yeouido Full Gospel Church main hall

WOW right? Do note that this is just 1 service out of 7 taking place every Sunday. You can check out the whole schedule here. It was amazing just looking at the size of the congregation, but then you see that they have their own orchestra. Yea, you didn’t read that wrong. They have an orchestra playing along their choir.

The message, I must warn you, since I was attending the main service, I receive headsets for my English translation. Sometimes I can’t understand what the interpreter is saying. BUT! It’s cos I always find it difficult to understand English in different accents. Just not used to it. Happened sometimes even in Singapore, which I currently living in. So yea, if you have no problem with that, then it’ll be just great 🙂

If you’re a Buddhist, Bongeunsa is a good place you can go to. I already mentioned it in my previous post on Seoul Sightseeing. You can buy rice to donate or write your wish to hang on the lantern. I think you can even go join the prayer in the temple. And there’s that temple stay too. You can always Google it if you’re interested.


Picnic at the side of the Han River (or Yeouido Park take your pick)

Nearest train station: National Assembly St (Line 9/light brown line)

Since Yeouido Full Gospel Church is conveniently located just across the street from the Yeouido Hangang Park, after service ended, you can go to the nearest cafe you find or the shop in the park, buy your lunch and pick a seat.

519. Picnic

Since it was Sunday, there are a lot of families and couples there. Really fun watching them. And there’s this pond thingy where you can dip your feet in. Kids will totally love it. I’m sad I didn’t sit a while longer really… I thought we will be able to return, but we just never went back…


Bike riding at Yeouido Hangang Park (again or Yeouido Park it’s really up to you)

Nearest train station: National Assembly St (Line 9/light brown line)

Why I keep to Yeouido you ask? Well, I regretted not to! We had planned to ride the bikes at Yeouido Park cos we saw a lot of people doing it and well, it looks super fun. But the sun’s bright out and we wanted to see the Banpo bridge rainbow water show so we thought we’d ride near the bridge next time.

And so one day after cafe hopping around Itaewon, we head in search of a bike rental. We ended up having to walk from 1 bridge to another before finding any bike rentals. Boy it was a long walk… but we had like 3 cakes so I guess it’s all paid up? It’s like God had known all along that we were gonna eat so much cake that he instructed the lady at the information center we talked to to point us at the wrong place. I mean, the bridge she sent us to is like completely deserted!

Bike riding
Bike riding

Note that for foreigners you will need to give one of your passport to the rental place, so don’t forget your passport. It was a fun ride, but sadly for us, we went on such a cloudy day that it look so dark out and it was drizzling by the time our hour ended.


Order in

OK, so you know how in those K-dramas you sometimes see people order food from the comfort of their own home and the delivery guy comes and bring their order neatly not in those ugly styrofoam boxes but in a real cutlery? Well, even though I watched it so many times in dramas, it’s still amazes me when the delivery guy came and really bring out all our orders.

579. Jajjangmyeon
Black bean noodle & sweet and sour pork

Just looking at the picture makes me want to eat it again!! Of course you can order something else. I saw the staff eating Korean food and those looks super delicious too. They will provide plastic bags in which you need to put everything inside and leave outside the door for the restaurant to pick up.


Play with the dogs (or cats!) in the dog cafe (or cat cafe)

There are a few cafes all around the city so I would suggest doing a little googling. We just kinda went to the one in Myeongdong. Because it’s closest you know.

1092. Relaxed

I’ve heard a lot about cat cafe, but this is actually the first time I’ve heard of dog cafe and since I’m more of a dog lover than cat lover (and R is such a dog lover) we decided on going to one. You have to pay an entrance fee which included a drink, but seriously, we forgot all about the drinks. We just played with the dogs and well in my case, because the dog were sleeping in my lap I dare not move anywhere… It was fun though. They have different types of dogs and they only ask that you don’t bring any food inside (cos obviously the dogs would go crazy if you do).


Experience jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang is the Korean sauna. I was recommended the Dragon Hill Spa by one of the staff at Namsan Guesthouse. It’s a very famous sauna apparently so one rainy day (yea, it was after the ) we decided to go there.

It’s a 7 floor building complete with swimming pool, lounging area, gaming area, restaurant and even a yoga studio! It’s KRW12,000 per person per entry (or KRW13,000 if you enter after 8pm) and they will give you this arm bracelet for your locker room key (and shoe locker key). I can’t say much about the men’s changing area, but for the ladies, there’s an elevator that will take you right in it.

If possible, do bring your own toiletries, but if you don’t, there’s a shop selling them, so you can just buy some from there. There’s a whole lot of pools to try and even sauna and steam room. We spent quite some time in there. But there are actually a few sauna rooms located in the lounging area, so you will want to leave some time for that.

There are actually people that would spend the night inside, so yea, like in the dramas, they have little square thingy for pillow. We love our beds though, so we made sure we can still catch a train ride back.

In the dining area holding sikhye
In the dining area holding sikhye

After enjoying the sauna, we head to the restaurant for dinner. The first real food for the whole day and it’s 10. That would probably one of the reason why the bulgogi tastes super delicious. Don’t forget to drink sikhye after the sauna experience. It’s just what you do in Korea. It’s Korean traditional rice drink by the way. You just need to show them your locker key and they will charge you at the exit. And if you want to see me hit my head with an egg be my guest. The things I do…. >__<

Anyway, I’d say the sauna does wonders for my skin. Maybe that’s the secret why Koreans have such smooth skin… It’s definitely something I want to do again…


Cosmetic shopping at Myeongdong

Nearest train station: Myeongdong St (line 3/light blue line)

Yeah people, let’s admit it, this is one of the main reason a lot of people go to Korea. It really is cheaper there. AND you’re spoilt for choice in Myeongdong cos they’re litteraly everywhere you look. Some stores will offer you things to enter their store and there’s always the samples when you do buy something. You get samples for everything in Korea! Like I even get samples from buying seaweed (that was in Namdaemun not Myeongdong though)! LOL!

Final shopping day
Final shopping day

In my defense, I was buying things for my friends as well, and uhm… there isn’t much in those bags? ^^;


Look for this Etude House that have a second floor where you can take pictures!

576. Princess Narcissus
Princess Narcissus

We actually stumble across this place quite accidentally. We were just paying for our goods when I curiously asked the cashier what’s on second floor and she said it’s a place to take photos. So yea, how can we not go up? It’s a good place to just rest a while after your shopping spree and hey, there’s tiaras! It’s such a cute place!


Relive your favorite drama by going to the shooting location

Yes, all K-drama lovers out there, there are even tours that will especially bring you to the shooting places. There’s even tours offering K-drama tours nowadays.

We went to the location for Coffee Prince. It has become a real cafe now and you get to come inside only if you buy something. I’ll talk more on my Cafe Hopping post.

With Eun Chan & the manager
With Eun Chan & the manager

Yea, I allow myself to become a fan girl just that once. Though actually, since we watched Running Man a lot, in few places we went to we went like, hey isn’t it the place where this happened. I watch too many dramas… Hahah


Cafe hopping

There were so many cafes that I went to I decided to create a separate post just for it. Look forward to it! 🙂


Above list are things that I actually do myself. Other that those, there’s always Lotte World and Everland to go to. There’s also Little Prince village that seems interesting. Oh and it’s no secret a lot of women go to Korea for plastic surgery… I heard there’s even free consultation at your own country and then an agency is in charge to plan your trip for your surgery? Well, I don’t know the details, but there’s always Google right? I don’t support this, but hey, just saying, you’ll see a few women wearing sun glasses and masks to cover their face, which by the way, at first I thought was so thoughtful of them to wear the mask when they’re sick (I only see this in Japan…) but as it turns out, when you get close to them, you can see the plasters on their nose (that’s the most visible one)…

Seoul To Do

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