Project Narssicus #1

I spent a pretty long time at home during Christmas/New Year holiday, so my mom gave me a project to do, which I totally transformed into Project Narcissus. I just basically use just my photos for the whole album.


Thought I should cut it cos I figure it’ll be one long post if I don’t… Do check out how it turned out if you’re interested. ^^

Warning: you’ll be seeing lots of me! (*^_^*)

front cover
front cover

The papers are from simple stories’ SNAP life btw. I really love the simple stories papers. All are super cute!


I didn’t really planned it through… I was just… winging it I suppose…



One thing I realize is that I really enjoy making the little inserts like the one above, though it took me a long time to figure out what I want to use. Don’t you think those little writings super cute or what??


I use glossy accents on all the words cos that’s the only thing I can do… :p


FYI, the photo was taken at Osaka Castle. Love how it turned out. ^^


That London picture was the only picture (that I found) that look OK in this page somehow.


I particularly love how this one turned out!





I feel that I found some really good pictures and the words fit really well with the pictures. I really love how well it looks!! (*^.^*)v


Fun fact: that big ‘life is great’ speech bubble was placed there to hide a random person that was in the shot.


That yellow cardstock fit really well with the collection don’t you think? Makes everything look really bright! And yes, I did use a lot of my Japan trip photos.


Like I said, it’s not like I had a solid plan working on this book… I went overboard with this insert and it got way too thick… ^^;;

The front (or back depending on your preference) cover:




Just realized it now… that’s too many hearts in one place…


And the other cover:





After making this book, I regretted writing all those things on my polaroids… especially with my lousy handwriting… >___>


Can’t help but love those fake polaroids! And I contemplated a long time on where to put that tiny heart! Ain’t it cute?


Seems like I really love my photos in Osaka Castle~ Hehehe… Thank you Miss photographer!

back cover
back cover

And for good measure:


Epic fail is epic.


So, enjoy seeing so much of me? :p


Project Narssicus #1

One thought on “Project Narssicus #1

  1. wow, that’s so awesome *U* i love scrapbooking, but i barely ever do it…
    but looks like you had A LOT of fun putting this together!!! and all the pics are so awesome/cute/cooool!! but really, dots and stripes and hearts and so many colours together just makes anyone happy!!!

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