Last year I actually prepare a draft for 2012, but never really finished it. I had wanted to recap the year annually but yea… there’s so many I just get too lazy… >__<

So. 2013. Actually I feel like I’ve spent the year working. I mean, work had been just so overwhelming from so early in the year what with so many photo shoots to go to, I end up spending a lot of nights in office and in two occasions actually leave the office when the sun’s already up.

I did get to fly off for quite a lot though. And since I don’t have much photos of myself when I’m not on vacation, here’s photos (of me!) on vacation~

March getaway to Bangkok
March getaway to Bangkok

This short but planned trip to Bangkok in March had been an awesome one. The only thing that I wish I could change is how hot it was!! It’s just unbelievably hot outside… The worst was when we went to the Tiger Temple. We got to walk quite a long way into the vast land/zoo to where the tigers were. And guess what? Those tigers also can’t take the heat and so just lay around…


Wintry Australia
Wintry Australia

A week experiencing winter in Australia. I finally get to see snow. Everywhere. ^^ Please excuse the small photo… Apparently I only take pictures of me on my cellphone… the rest are in my dad’s camera…

I totally enjoy the snow in Mt Buller. I was really happy that I get the chance to try out skiing, even though I was extremely scared when I go just a little bit too fast…


Sudden inspiration for Penang
Sudden inspiration for Penang

The original plan was for my parents to come and celebrate my birthday in Singapore and then spend the weekend in Penang, but then I suggested that I just take the 6th off as well since I already took the 5th off anyway and fly to Penang with them. And so it became a family trip.

Food was definitely nice. The only part of the beach that was nice is just the part where the photo was taken. The small part on the corner where there’s a whole lot of stones, which by the way I had to climb and maneuver over for some of the photos we took.


Aaaand there’s the 2 weeks stay home for the Christmas holidays! Of course it came with the expense of my leaves, but then again it was really nice to just relax at home with family. We ended the year with Arrow marathon I think. Just us at home relaxing. Pretty awesome after some hectic months at work I must say.


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. well, those were some awesome trips!! love the pics *u* i had seen most them already, but i think i hadn’t seen the one in Bangkok!! you looks so cute ^_-

    i also just stayed at home when i went back for Christmas. we were planning on going somewhere new in Mexico, since it was our last Christmas there (my parents are moving to Spain!!), but in the end we just rested at home and spend time together and ate a lot of good food x3 it was good to relax after a long year!!

    1. When you live far away from your family, it’s really nice to just relax at home isn’t it? ^^
      Spain?? Then it’ll be harder (and much more expensive) to see your family!! You’re currently staying alone in Provo right?

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