Hello 2014!

So it’s 2014…

Now I know it’s been a while since 2014 started… I actually planned to write this at the beginning of the year, but as any other plan that I concocted, this one goes to the on hold list…

Anyway, I started this year at home. Home as in Indonesia. And when I’m at home, time stop. Well, not really… But to me it kinda is. And so it didn’t really hit me that it’s 2014 until it was the weekend when I’ve returned to Singapore and was dreading the coming Monday, when I was due to start work again.

The beginning of a new year is usually used to voice out the goals that one have for that year. To get fit. To eat healthier. To read more books. To be more diligent. You name it. Most are pretty common and well forgotten come February. Well, mine is only one this year, and I do plan to put effort into it all throughout the year. My goal this year is to have some money in my bank account.

By this time some of you reading this would probably scrunch your forehead. Yep, you didn’t read wrongly. I mean it. I have no savings in Singapore (and what little I have will all be gone come April) and yes, I plan to actually have some money in my account by the end of this year. Do pray for me please. It’s time to save up!!

And it’s not a new year’s resolution per se, but I do want to really write things on my blog. Like regularly. This, I’m crossing my fingers I’ll have motivation (and something interesting) to write.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Hello 2014!

One thought on “Hello 2014!

  1. that’s a good resolution… i really want to save up money too!!! it’s so easy to just buy a lot of awesome stuff :3 but i really want to save for my future!! you never know what can happen!!!

    and i would find it awesome if you write more in your blog! it always takes me some days to actually get to read the entries, but i’m always happy to read how you are doing and such, specially since i’m not as often on poupeegirl….

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