Unpublished drafts…

So…. I’ve been crazy busy these past few months. Really. Work had been super hectic… I notice that I actually had around 14 days of over time for at least the past 3 months… Checked that from my claim, so it must be true… LOL.

The time I spent out of the office I spent lazing around. My room is a big mess I don’t even know where to start cleaning… >___> I mean, I know my room has never been that clean, but it has never been so messy either… I hardly care where I put my things and everything’s all over the place basically… And yes. The time I do have off work I don’t use to work some more. I use it to relax and watch dramas while eating my midnight snack (yep, this old habit is back).

This is why I truly salute those of you dedicated bloggers who can blog regularly. I don’t even think about blogging when I’m busy… and like I said, the time I didn’t work I use to watch dramas and my latest addiction, as you might notice, playing games in my iPhone. Voltage games to be precise. It all started with Be My Princess… and before I knew it I have My Sweet Bodyguard and Celebrity Darling from GREE and Be My Princess, In Your Arm Tonight, Office Secret, and Seduced in the Sleepless City. I sacrificed money for these games. That’s how addicted I am people.

And now that I’ve discovered torrent, I actually do my own downloading and though I was so adamant to watch a drama after the series ended, I ended up watching an on-going drama…

The Heirs

Have you heard of it?

I actually started off watching 2 on-going drama. The Heirs and this other drama starring Eun Hye and Yong Hwa, Marry Him if You Dare, but since the next episode preview showed that Yong Hwa will get rejected I stopped watching it. I was so sad to see him got rejected in You’re Beautiful.. plus the story line’s not as interesting in my opinion. So I end up just following The Heirs now. Really love it so far! And Park Shin Hye looks good with Lee Min Ho I think (sorry Yong Hwa).

This brings me back to the main point, which is to apologize (mostly to myself) that I haven’t written anything for a long time. When I checked my posts just now I found quite a lot of drafts that is pretty irrelevant if I were to continue writing and post now. *sigh*

I shall give more effort to write something. Anything…

Unpublished drafts…

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