New table!

I got sick of the huge table that’s been on my room since I moved in. It makes me super lazy cos I then tend to put everything on the table since there’s still space and just leave them there… and the dust is totally ewww… So! I decided to just buy another table. Smaller. Shorter.

I chanced upon this store in qoo10 (Korea’s G-market) and decided to get one from the shop. Out of the 3 possible options, I chose (everyone I asked chose this one too) my new table.



There was some hiccups getting the table as the delivery guy send me the wrong item twice, but it was resolved and I disassemble my old table and assemble my new one.



The package also includes the tools needed!! So I really don’t need to buy anything else.



Looks sturdy huh?

I don’t think the table is expensive considering how sturdy it looks. The expensive one is the chair. But it’s so totally worth the price. Because it’s soooo fluffy and comfortable!



With new table comes new chair.

And yea… it gets messy pretty quick with me… Hahahahahhaha >____> there’s even the savings target for my Korean trip on the wall… LOL!

Next stop: finding a place to put everything!!

New table!

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