Australia – upon arrival

So this year, since we failed to go to Europe on April, we decided on 2 mini trips. One was back on April when we head to Bangkok, Thailand (no, you don’t need to try and search for any post on it here… I didn’t do any… >_<;;) then, for the second one, we somehow decided on Australia.

I was not really keen on the location. I really don’t know much on what to see and what to do in Australia. And heck, S$200 just for the visa?? I wouldn’t go on my own. Definitely. But heck, it was an all-expenses-paid-trip, so I just went along. And anw, our goal is snow, so of course I’m in!!

The application of the visa is already an annoying process, during which I vow once again to never go back to Australia. I end up getting the one-entry visa… firming my thought not to come back ever again… maybe one day when I have a different passport eh?

Anw, my family was to fly to Singapore, then we’ll fly off on a midnight SIA flight to Sydney. We had planned to have dinner at Paulaner, but end up having our dinner at the japanese restaurant right next door.

20130813-010824.jpgAnd we had the bibimbap (Korean mixed rice)…. LOL!!

Anw! After dinner, we head to the airport, and then it’s the long wait until our flight. The flight itself was definitely comfortable. Well, it’s SIA…

Arriving at Sydney, we went and use the train to go to our hotel. Kinda shocked on how expensive the public transport is in Australia!! AUD 66 for 4 persons from airport to the nearest station to our hotel. And no, it’s not even that long a ride…

20130813-011005.jpgThe super expensive train ride ticket…

Checked in our hotel, which turns out to be right in the CBD area. Totally deserted on a weekend though… Hahah…

004. Radisson Blu-s

Radisson Blu Hotel

003. Hotel bed-s

Super comfy hotel bed!

After dropping off our luggage in our rooms, we head out to the super famous, must-see tourist spot:


Just gotta take a selfie… which I apparently only take on my iPhone… >__>

Perfectly clear blue sky all day long!! The secret recipe on getting awesome pictures… 😉 Basically just point and shoot and everything looks awesome!


The Opera House is actually not that far from the hotel. Just around 10 minutes walk and we reached the harbour already.

011. Marching Birds

The last one on the line is always the problem.

We actually walked to a nearby street market and had our lunch at a restaurant facing the harbour bridge.


View from the outdoor eating area. As I said, just point and shoot.

After lunch, we head to The Rocks to get a good shot of the Harbour Bridge.


Harbour Bridge – another must-see tourist spot.

You can actually climb on top of the bridge if you are daring enough.

After Dad had enough photos of the bridge, we retraced our steps to head to the other side of the harbour – the Opera House up close and personal!

It was a super gorgeous sunset from the Opera House. I kinda got lost around the Opera House… I was following my parents and when I turn my head, I can’t see anyone!! So I actually wandered around the area the whole of sunset… didn’t have a chance to really appreciate the beauty… :/


Selfie while looking for my family…

Then, since we’re pretty much beat… We went and bought McD (or Maccas as the locals call it) for dinner.


OZ’s version of Chicken McSpicy burger.

I don’t get it. I have always been loyal to McD. It’s my go-to fast food chain. My comfort food (sorta…) But a Chicken McSpicy that I don’t like? Well, the thought never occur to me. Until I tasted the above. Made me want to fly back to Singapore just to eat my usual McSpicy set meal… They even manage to screw up the fries!! What’s with that?

Anw, after the not-so-pleasant dinner, I went and treat my body to a nice hot bath. Felt the muscles relaxed after the bath and went straight to sleep. And that was just around 8.

This concludes my first day in Sydney.

Australia – upon arrival

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