Be My Princess – Star Festival

The latest event on BMP was about the star festival. The princes are coming to this remote island to celebrate the festival. So I thought since it’s an Oriens thing, I should start with Glenn..


Glenn Kashiragi
(its Casiraghi in the game but I think they meant Kashiragi… haha)

The story’s about finding the last 2 of the 7 star-related things on the island. Tempted upon hearing only a man who possesses true strength will be able to find them, Glenn set out n search the island high and low. At first I thought it was quite adorable that he’s lacking self confidence because he’s younger than MC, but after a few event I got sick of it. Nonetheless the story line’s pretty interesting. I’m more looking forward to Yuu’s route though.



Roberto Button

A totally adorable story of how MC got jealous because Roberto was getting too close to this local girl in Sherry Island. I’ve nothing much to say mainly cos it’s been a while since I read the story and I only remember bits of it. But I do remember thinking that it’s adorable.



Joshua Lieben

Definitely my favorite story from this event. It’s just so adorable how he worked hard for MC even though it’s against his principles. Even looked up bamboo trees to hang the wishes from (from where I have no idea). I actually can’t really imagine that space on the roof where they can see the shooting stars from the window. A second storey (cos it has a ladder)? Anyway, it’s a cute story.



Edward Levaincois

Apologies, I was switching my phone and I lost some pic cos I saved them on my old phone, and I forgot to upload them to my laptop… so yea.. :/ got the rest from the memory album. In Ed’s route, the team’s having a ‘haunting event’ in the island’s forest. The idea came from MC of course. Since there’s lack of girls for the event, MC ended up going with some random guy and was left behind at the forest when he got scared and ran off. Ed went to find her and they live happily ever after. LOL!



William Spencer

There’s actually only 2 stories that mentions the legend of Prince Altair and Princess Vega (Hikoboshi and Orihime in Japanese folk lore) that can only meet once a year. In Josh’s route, he sceptically said that it’s their fault for being lazy in Will’s route he become Prince Altair of the year. LOL! It was a sure win. Duh… But the problem actually arise after that. Mina (the only name that I can still remember), Princess Vega of the year, had a relationship with a guy that her father didn’t approve and Will and MC ended up getting dragged into it and helped them get approval from the Village Chief.



Keith Alford

Keith’s route was the most unique of all in my opinion. It was about reuniting a family that has been separated for years. I dunno how is it on the day that it so special to see the shooting stars, the newly reunited father and daughter suggested that Prince Keith and MC to go behind a waterfall… I mean, I don’t even know how they managed to find such a place in the dark in the first place.Not really satisfied with the special picture of Keith sleeping either. I would love it if say it’s a picture of him kissing MC in front of the waterfall with the rainbow and shooting stars at the backdrop. I mean, that would’ve been more gorgeous right? And more special…


Lastly I want to say… I don’t actually get what they’re doing in the island. Only in Will’s route does it mentions paparazzi and reporters… the rest nothing… so… they came just to help the villagers set up a festival to celebrate Tanabata? A village so lucky they get the princes of the 6 nations to help their preparations?


OK, after a few events I have concluded that my initial guess was correct. I always thought that the kingdoms were modeled from real countries since Oriens is obviously Japan, but I can’t really put my finger on the others so… :/ Anw! After playing for sometimes here’s my deduction:

Oriens – Japan (super obvious)

Liberty – America (it all clicked when I saw the oval room… and heck, it’s LIBERTY for goodness sake)

Charles – France (super gentleman prince and all those roses at the palace gardens? the photographer’s name from the latest event confirms it though)

Altaria – Italy (Roberto and Alberto, really? Plus the flirty nature Italian men are famous for…)

Philip – England (this is what made me confused the most cos Will’s always talking about traditions… so I thought it might be France at first, but the ‘biggest ferris wheel in the world’ confirms that it’s England)

Dres Van – Germany (other than the fact that Joshua was the embodiment of ‘typical’ cold German man, the only other country that was split in 2 was Korea, as far as I know that is, but I doubt Voltage will use both Japan AND Korea)

Have you figured it out? If yes, how?

Be My Princess – Star Festival

One thought on “Be My Princess – Star Festival

  1. those are the same country conclusions that i have!! i had been wondering about Dres Van being based on Russia or so, but I also ended up thinking it’s probably Germany, mostly because his last name means “to love” in German XD

    Philip, I was pretty sure it was England because I saw a CG one of Will and in the background is this building that totally looks like the building where the Big Ben is XD

    Altaria is very obvious… Even the sound of Altaria is like “Italia” XD
    Plus, in Love Letters from Thief X, in the Roman Holiday special with Riki, we go to watch a football game and it’s the same stadium as the one you go with Roberto!!! I mean, it could have been anywhere else anyways, but whatever XD

    Liberty was pretty obvious XDD Haha, starting with the name!! And Keith being all high and mighty, and his big motocycle XD

    Oriens had me very confused, specially because they use arabic-like architecture for the palace? But that’s also because I wasn’t acquainted at all with Glenn’s story! Once I played his route in a few events it was totally obvious!! Also his name had confused me with the weird spelling, but Kashiragi makes much more sense!!! Plus, MC is also from Oriens, but I didn’t know that at first…

    Charles was the one who confused me, because I’ve never seen an architectural reference (until recently, I think they showed the Eiffel tower in some event? or in the non-gree?) but I went for the name, since Levancois sounds a lot like Levançois, which doesn’t mean anything, but has a “ç” which is french XDDD *strange logic* and the frills and roses fitted good in there… And Louis, when they write it was “Louis” and not Luis or Lewis…

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