Celebrity Darling – Secret Kiss

The very first event for Celebrity Darling. The story goes around a kiss that happened in the changing room when the Main Character (MC) were asleep.

Not comfortable of referring the main character as ‘me’ after all.. ^.^;;

The only picture I took was this:


Can’t help it.. Though it doesn’t look like Haru all at, LOVE it! He looks super cool here!!! XD

I also like the moon comparison in Haru’s route… I think it kinda suits him… Though I think no sane band would give up the last performance of their own concert to another singer… I mean, people are fighting to get that last impression on the audience… And what? They allow MC to sing at the end with them? And at the last minute decided it best to let her sing ALONE??

What I enjoy most about this first event is the chance to get to know the other guys…

Sho as a thief was quite adorable too though! His story line was filled with cuteness I guess.. Haha… So yea.. Was dissapointed that they don’t have any special scenes we could keep as memory!

I also like Ryota’s teasings and his cat ears shyness… I like his somewhat carefree attitude when working… It’s so refreshing to see after all I’ve played is Haru’s main route…

It’s interesting how MC never even remembered being kissed in Kyosuke’s route… Thought their cinema date was quite fun and ‘real’…

Btw, I just realized this now, but how come Natsuki’s route is always filled with fairy tale and princes and princesses?? In this first event, they’re doing sleeping beauty for an MV, on the 2nd event they met a real prince and he end up dressing up ad one… Anyone played his main route yet?

Hayato’s route was ok too I guess… But he’s so possesive! LOL! Haru seems as well, but he kinda keeps it inside, but Hayato kinda lashes out… I guess it can be considered as cute?

I also love the snippets you get from going for the makeup battle thingy… I totally missed the manager’s story but I think the rest are pretty cute… The requirement for the last few stories are just riddiculously high though… Impossible to achieve without buying meals… :/

What do you think of the event? Who’s story you like best?

Celebrity Darling – Secret Kiss

One thought on “Celebrity Darling – Secret Kiss

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