Celebrity Darling – First Night

The second event of the GREE game Celebrity Darling. One thing I don’t really like from the game is that there’s just not enough ‘special moments’!! The special scenes are the ones I’m most looking forward to seeing… cos hey, it’s special… LOL

I was actually determined not to participate in this particular event, but alas… I was stuck in the main route for all 3 games… so yea… -__- I started pretty late and didn’t really expect to finish all routes.

First I started with Orihara Natsuki’s route. I can’t point out exactly why I don’t like this guy… like at all… He’s just totally not my type I guess… The story line’s plain (can’t remember anything about it in fact!) and duh, the make up battle winning picture is so bad I don’t even want to take a picture of it… Seems like I have deep grudge towards this guy…



Shiratori Hayato 

Second I went and played Hayato’s route. What I like about the story is that it’s kinda intimate… but, ridiculous at the same time… Do couples really so easily ask the other person to take a bath with him??? I find that this particular part is a bit unrealistic… It was a nice attempt to get ‘me’ to relax though… So… point for trying?


Kiriya Sho

OK, first of all, the guy in the pic doesn’t look like Sho at all! The cutesy Sho has somehow become so manly here! LOL! And well, out of the 5 stories I played, his is the most ‘wild’… The ending was shocking! I can’t helped laughing when he said,”I don’t think I can be gentle tonight.” Where’s the usually cute guy??? LOL!!


Miike Ryota

Gotta say, I don’t like the ‘me’ in this story… so worried about the stupidest things… I felt like ‘I’ deserve a good smacking for my train of thought… Haha… Ryota’s very mischievous and I guess that’s why we matched… I was almost sad nothing really happened, but duh… I think it’ll be even more ridiculous if something did happen… I do like it when Ryota turned serious and pulled me away from the shooting set. I felt the ending was kinda ridiculous though. Daring the paparazzi by kissing me in full view?


Shindo Haru

Super sweet story that had me and Haru driving to a hill Jade went to when they’re not a famous band that they are now. The wild ride to shake off the gang members are a bit random, but I guess it’s what’s necessary for us to not have enough fuel to go home and had to squeeze together in the car and wait until morning. Haha…


Nakanishi Kyosuke

Didn’t get a chance to really played this route… I finished Haru’s route minutes before the event ends, so I just had time to read the prolouge, which is super vague, and did the make up battle to screen cap this photo. Do tell me the story if you’ve played! I’d really like to know!

Celebrity Darling – First Night

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Darling – First Night

  1. hmm… Nakanishi Kyosuke… ah, I remember now! There’s apparently a suspicious looking person around the condo where we live, so, MC mentions that when she’s with WAVE, and they decide they will all stay over at Kyosuke’s place, along with you (because they think Kyosuke alone with you could be dangerous as well!! XD), so that they can protect you or something XD MC obviously buys herself a new cute pijama, and she also cooks for them in the evening. It’s like a big pijama party mess, and the boys are having fun fooling around, except for Kyosuke, who is moody in is room, so, MC is obviously wondering if he’s angry about something.

    Than, MC goes to buy some ingredient she is missing, and says she’ll just go around the corner to get them, but turns out, they don’t have it, so, she ends up going to a supermarket a bit father away. then, it starts to rain really strong, and she hides in this play tunnel in a nearby playground. MC is scared because of the thunders, and suddenly, she sees someone approaching!! But it’s Kyosuke! and so, they speak a bit, and he confesses that he is jealous because all the boys are there, and that he had never tried her food before, so, he’s annoyed because all the boys will get to try out her food. And so, he asks her to cook for him… i think it was eggroll or something similar, for the next time they are together. And Kyosuke says he wants you two to be closer ///<

    Hayato also shocked me there for a moment XD but the story was cute, and he's also one of my favourite characters (i'm playing his route now, but I've been forever stuck in a mission XD)

    With Shindo, well, I had to laugh at the part where we're being chased – seriously, we are in USA, so, some gangster group confused us right away with someone else ?! XDD But he was nice, I also really like his story! And I love Akira and Toma always fooling around!!!

    Sho's story was like really cute at first, I loved the fact they were playing games and watching movies! They seem like a cute high school couple xDD

    But what I just really barely never like are the CGs!! Because, they looks SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I mean, If it wouldn't be for the hair, I wouldn't be able to recognize any of them! And specially Sho – that's not Sho!! And that's not Hayato either… The only one who might be looking a bit alike is Haru, and that's because we mostly get his red hair XD

    1. sorry, my comment got cut in the middle of the story because of a failed emoticon attempt… good thing i copied the comment before posting!!! here’s what’s missing:

      between the “And Kyosuke says he wants you two to be closer.” and “Hayato also shoked me there”

      The next day, the boys have to hurry to work. They have a long on location job for most of the day, but Kyosuke and MC are on good terms when they leave. But in the evening, they are still not back, so, MC ends up by herself in Kyosuke’s apartment. The boys call to check on her, and it’s Sho and Akira mainly talking, I think? She wants to cook dinner again, and remembers about the eggroll, so, she decides to prepare eggrolls for tomorrow’s breakfast. But there’s an ingredient she’s missing, so, she goes out to buy it again. As she is coming back, it’s getting darker, and she notices the strange looking person is around the building! MC is scared and tries to go quickly, but he approaches her and talks to her – turns out, it’s an upcoming actor that she met before, who is actually a pretty nice guy. Furthermore, he is secretly dating your celebrity neighbor, who is also an upcoming actress! But both of them were prohibited to see or contact each other by their agencies. So, since he doesn’t know when she’ll be at her apartment, he just comes in the evening and waits for her until she’s home. MC invites the actor to her apartment, where he explains the situation, and she feels really touched by their story. She thinks they are so brave to still be together despite everything, and she decides that she will try harder with Kyosuke (because, like with Ryota, she can’t believe that such a big celebrity is her boyfriend).

      Kyosuke gets to his apartment before the rest of the boys, and he is a bit scared when he doesn’t find MC in his apartment. When he goes to look for her at her place, she is coming out with the other actor from her apartment (because they heard that MC’s neighbor is already home). Kyosuke is a bit jealous at first, but MC explains to him, and he kind of understands. MC also says that she wants to try harder in their relationship, and explains that she is always so shy around him because he’s such a big star, and she lets out all her feelings, including saying that she love him. Kyosuke than calls Sho and tells them that the suspicious guy was a misunderstanding, and that they don’t have to come tonight anymore. Then, it’s Kyosuke’s turn to speak out, with the typical “I’m just a man in front of the girl I love” talk and he stops being cool for a little while and shows MC his embarrassing side. Anyways, MC is very happy to hear that, and says that since the misunderstanding has been cleaned up, she has to go home now. But Kyosuke asks her what she was doing before, and she explains about the eggroll, so, he says that if it’s for breakfast, it’s because she’ll be there for breakfast. And he says he wants to take his time to show MC that she is his.

      The story wasn’t to bad, and I thought it was fun when all WAVE members where there XDD But really, the reward dress in the end wasn’t very cute… At least not for me XD

      The one I didn’t finish was Ryota’s! I was only missing one mission, but there were toooo many love points required and I had no more way of getting them!!

      Surprisingly, Orihara Natsuki is my favourite XD Though his story wasn’t that good, and I thought the whole prince costume and everything didn’t even fit him well, but I kind of like his personality…

      1. wow! thanks for such a detailed explanation for Kyosuke’s story!! It doesn’t sound too interesting that I regretted a lot not being able to play it though… so good… hahah…
        Ryota’s huh… then I guess you missed the whole kissing in front of the paparazzi part… When they went to the on location shoot, they were told not to interact with one another right? Well, MC went to get a drink from a vending machine when suddenly Ryota appears and dragged her away to the train station. He said he told the staff that MC’s feeling sick and so can’t take the bus home together with the staff (and they don’t get more suspicious when they’re rumored to be dating?) and they end up going opposite direction to some beach. Ryota had wanted to go further, but MC gave a speech how her work is important in the train, so they end up at the beach. Then after a walk in the beach, they saw the paparazzi and not caring of the hardship that will come Ryota dragged MC and kissed her in front of the paparazzi…

      2. you’re welcome… it turned out much longer than i thought xDD but i’ve been writing a bit of fanfic lately, so, i guess i’m writing a lot without realizing ^^” (plus, i had screenshots from the event to help me remember the sequence of the story xD)

        yea, i totally didn’t read that part… wow, ryota likes scandals then haha xDD good it was just an event, if that would happen in the main route, we’d have to bare with the consequences during a lot of chapters!!

      3. well, Ryota’s main route sounds like problem after that… LOL! I’m on Hayato’s main route too btw. Stuck on 30k fans mission since before the event started… HAHA!

        I saw bits of your fanfics! I didn’t have time to read it though.. 😦 I just might do one with Yuu… I’d totally choose him over Glenn anytime!! Especially if he’s my childhood friend… XDD

    1. Do you mean for this particular event? By any chance, are you refering to the voltage game? If so then Maybe because they’re not done translating?This one is actually for the one voltage created for GREE. If not then I really dunno.. Maybe you can email GREE about it. I didn’t think there’s such problem when the event was on though.. Sorry if this is not helpful.. :/

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