Something that’s like a year late… HAHA!

I went to my very first concert last year and it’s BIGBANG’s ALIVE tour concert. Linda managed to get us tickets on the last day of the concert in Singapore. And we really took our time going to the venue. We knew we won’t beat the hard core fans wanting to have the best place in the front, so we just came close to the beginning of the concert.

The tickets we got was for the mosh pit area in front of the small stage at the front, so we were really at the back and can’t really see the main stage way at the front. Luckily, the boys did come to the front quite a lot, so we did get to see a lot of them. Also, due to sheer strength of the fans that was in front of us, we manage to go further down to the front as the concert go to the point that they’re clearly visible! *woot!* I got soooo many shots of them!! And yes, I just made time to edit some of the best ones…

Disclaimer: all photos are taken by me, so please no stealing.

001. cover

Incredible stage and lighting. Sadly I can’t see the beginning of the concert where the boys come out of the tube thingy… I was just too far back! And my eyes was on the stage and not the screen (I wonder why… >__>)


4 of the best shots of the boys. Don’t have that many of Taeyang, but a whole lot of Daesung. HAH!

L1010535 copy

Yes, I like this guy. His smile is super dazzling and his voice is absolutely beautiful. And I watch FO.

L1010561 copy

The one and only close up shot of Taeyang.

L1010575 copy

One of the rare instances that I caught TOP smiling. He seems to be in a lot of pain the whole performance… He didn’t move around as much and kept the same expression through out the whole performance.. 😦

L1010578 copy

Crowns for VIPs! Gotta admit, I almost got 1 myself…

L1010649-edited copy

My absolute favorite photo of the night. Daesung singing my absolute favorite song, Wings. And that smile! Did I say how much I love that smile?

L1010663 copy

Super cool looking TOP singing Blues.

L1010675 copy


GD looking calm. 🙂

L1010691 copy

TOP playing around, trying to get Daesung to open his clothes cos he only meant to wear the belts~ 😀

L1010716 copy

To Seungri’s fans: Seungri looking super handsome~

L1010744 copy

Back to Daesung…

L1010774 copy

GD and TOP in the midst of the sea of crowns.

L1010778 copy


Looks more like the usual GD. Super swag?

L1010780 copy

A close second favorite. His smile is just so dazzling here.

L1010785 copy

Sometimes this thing happens… I got a great and clear shot of someone and suddenly a hand appear and blocked out the view… *sigh*

I was a really fun experience to watch them perform and I end up taking a LOT of pictures… I just might watch their next concert… :p


One thought on “ALIVE

  1. wow, looks like a huge concert o_O not many asian artists come to mexico, and when they do, the events are not that big, so, you can usually get pretty close to them XD but it’s not the same feeling as being in such a big venue and having big, cool lightning effects and such!!!

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