Be My Princess

I’ve been soooo adicted to these games I discovered in my iphone a while ago.


This is the rabbit hole I tell you. Though this, I went on to My Sweet Bodyguard and Celebrity Darling.



And while I’m at it… here’s something I found when searching for pictures to post here…



So far, I really enjoyed reading the stories for Be My Princess (BMP) and My Sweet Bodyguard (MSB)… Celebrity Darling (CD) doesn’t look so interesting…

All 3 are Voltage games for GREE, so if you have a GREE account you would probably know about these games already.

I can’t actually remember how I first discover BMP. I just remember browsing through the apps store and somehow found the game, thought it was interesting and voila! I went down the rabbit hole.

It’s also available in android devices too btw *wink wink*

Oh, and what’s this that I found?


I seriously thought it was Will & Josh so I didn’t give it much thought at first… but huh? they look different and the other princes are different! Be My Princess Season 2… I  don’t even want to look it up now… I spent enough money as is in those games! Not that it’s not worth it… I really really enjoy playing it and heck… the creators deserve compensation right? So that they can make more? *smacking my head myself*

I also played the non-GREE game btw. Just Be My Princess though. I will probably get another game after I finish reading all the stories of the BMP one though. I’ve read Prince Edward’s and Prince Keith’s story and currently reading Prince Joshua’s story… Zain’s story would be next btw. :p

Anw, I’ll stop my ramblings here. Do add me if you have a GREE account. I’m christ512~ 😉

Be My Princess

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