Weekend getaway: Bali

Not exactly a weekend getaway as I went there to attend a wedding… I mean, if I had my way I wouldn’t be going there at all… I’d rather stay home and rest. I had planned to go back home, taking leave btw, to just chill and relax and rest. At home. But no. I had to plan my trip right when we had to go to Bali to attend a wedding of a relative I knew nothing about.

Dreamland beach.

It’s seriously called ‘Dreamland beach’. It’s just gorgeous! Blue sky and blue water. But of course, blue skies always do comes with a price. It’s DAMN hot!! =___=;;

Me and my stupid decision to wear LONG jeans.

In my defense, I thought I could change to my shorts in the hotel first. But no, we had to go straight to the beach. :(( Shoulda hand-carry my shorts!! >__<

Just opposite the beach.

See the pathway at the bottom there? Yea, we need to walk along it from the car park to go to the beach. I say it’s equally gorgeous. Though the small river below is not so pretty. Not with all the garbage it’s not.

Me at Klapa.

So next we head on uphill, or should I say upcliff? By car of course. There’s this resort club thing up the cliff. Supposedly, they’re going to build a hotel there, but it’s not done yet. Now there’s just a pool and restaurants. To enter the premises, we need to buy vouchers. IDR 100,000 per person. So that people don’t just came in take pictures and leave.

The view was breath-taking, so it’s understandable, really…

The voucher can be used to buy food and beverages inside, so actually it’s not so bad. They’re just making sure people don’t just get in, take pictures, and leave. But still… So expensive!

So, as to not waste our voucher, we bought snack and cocktails.

Fried springrolls.

All the berry goodness mocktail.

Minty cocktail.


And so we had our drinks and rest..

Dunno whether to think this is plain sad or creative…

See me?

We also walk along the Kuta area (I didn’t go to the beach again though!)

Our first day hotel.

Second day hotel.

interesting hotel as it has a real loco out front~

Pretty welcome drink 😀

Weekend getaway: Bali

One thought on “Weekend getaway: Bali

  1. looks like a really dreamy place! but i do understand you, there’s a difference when you choose to go somewhere to rest and have fun, or when you HAVE TO to go to some event ^^”
    but the beach does seem really nice, and i bet the views were stunning! ❤

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