Rooftop Prince

Finally finished it on Friday. I’d say the ending would’ve been better only if Boo Yong is still alive and Lee Gak can be together with her, in place of Park Ha. But then again, her choosing the king’s wellbeing over her own life is.. Well, what he come to love about her..

I really love how the series go.. How Lee Gak actually love her from the beginning but never notices because of the ‘beautiful, well-mannered, pure-hearted Crowned Princess’. A fact that we know after more clips from the past is shown..

What I think is too bad is the fact that that bodyguard of his, Yong Sul if I’m not mistaken, seem to like Park Ha first.. But then there’s no continuation… Too bad coz I think some jealousy in Lee Gak’s part is not bad… Hahahaha

What I like most I have to say is how the drama ends. Sure the omurice restaurant is a bit stupid, and how the 3 guys earn money is totally absurd (not to mention Park Ha originally wanted to have a grocery store but they buy her a juice bar?) but I thought the true story behind the murder is good, and yay for the real TaeYong waking up ;D

Totally a waterfall during the last eps.. (>人<;)

You can watch the drama here.

Rooftop Prince

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