Queen InHyun’s Man

Soooooo.. Friday after I finished watching Rooftop Prince, I straight away watch this drama.

LOVE it so much that I can’t stop watching until I finished the series. So Saturday I was holed in my room watching the whole 16 episodes. I think it’s a first.. Hahahahaha

The story is about time slip (again?). A scholar by the name of Kim Bung Do (played by Ji Hyun Woo) of Joseon era thought he’s about to die with a sword inches away from his heart, but was somehow transported to 2012 Seoul. He met Choi Hee Jin (played by Yoo In Na), as aspiring actress who just got her big break playing the role of Queen InHyun – the same queen Kim Bung Do pledged his life for.

Through several meetings, Hee Jin became attracted to Kim Bung Do and

Totally love the plot, and the fact that it still continues until the very end is really a change for me. I mean, I thought they could just stop at episode 14 and no one would complain. But no, they have 1 final test.. Which last 1 full year before they finally have their happily ever after~

Though I have to say… the ending is a bit tacky… I mean, how come the documentary is about them?? If they want make it as if memories are flooding back, I think it’s better to do a proper flash back rather than put it up on the screen… that’s probably the only complaint I have for this drama.

You can watch the drama here. You pay to download the episodes, but they also provide (free) streaming links. Let me know if they don’t work and I’ll refer you to another site. πŸ™‚

The famous kiss scene.

Please tell me which episode is this from? I swear I saw all the episodes already… but I can’t recall seeing this scene anywhere!!

Ji Hyun Woo, the lead actor, actually made a public confession to his on-screen couple, Yoo In Na at a press conference and she later accepted his confession. No wonder they can do so many kiss scenes! ;p

Queen InHyun’s Man

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