Bachelors’ Vegetable Store

I know this drama only by chance… I don’t think a lot of ppl know this drama because the actors are not idols, who are getting all the popularity. But the plot is actually really good and the actors and actresses played really well. It was fun to watch and had lots of great insight to boost your morale. It’s really too bad it’s not popular…

True love is when you fall in love with the same person twice without knowing who they are.

That’s what I thought when watching this drama because that is exactly what happened.

I must say that the opening is a bit very tacky and would probably made some doubt their decision to start watching this drama, but I assure you, this is a GREAT drama.

The plot is great and the ending is OK. Not the best ending for me, but at least it’s a happy ending where no one died. Wait… someone did die… at the beginning… :-/

Han Tae Yang, the male lead, is an awesome guy! Don’t ever let anyone like that go if you manage to find him! He will give you a new meaning of ‘do your very best’.

Would totally recommend this drama. it’s good. Don’t stop watching when you saw the opening song! ;D

Bachelors’ Vegetable Store

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