It’s the first time I watch a live show of any kind. For those who somehow never heard of Wicked, it’s a super famous broadway musical that tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz (I’m not gonna even tell you what this is about coz I’m gonna assume even though you don’t really remember how the story goes you knew what it’s about) before Dorothy came to Oz.

I immediately wanted to watch it the first time I heard about it on radio, but I was a bit hesitant because the price is quite… -____-;; plus I don’t feel like going alone watching something like this…

But then my mom came and she agreed to accompany me watch it – fully paid by dad. ;D I was like, “YAAAAAAAY!” when I had the tickets in my hands.

It was AWESOME!! Granted, I didn’t manage to catch all the lyrics of the songs – by this I meant I didn’t quite get the storyline because most of the story is told by the songs they sings..

Bravo to the actress who played Elphaba aka the wicked witch of the west. LOVE her voice! Gwendolin’s quite annoyed me because she always use such high notes..

Defying Gravity definitely is the climax of the whole play for me. It’s the turning point when Elphaba found her courage and was also the last song before the short break, so yeah, it kinda stuck in my head.. Actually, it beats the ending song too in my opinion.. The effect is super cool too! Though I know roughly how it’s made but the lighting + Elphaba flying on her broom singing Defying gravity is just A.W.E. wait for it.. S.O.M.E!! d( ̄  ̄)b


I also took a picture of the stage, before I knew it’s actually forbidden.. I thought you can’t take photos just during the play, but apparently you’re not allowed to take photos inside the theater period..


Don’t really know what the dragon is for.. But it does look super cool.. Hahahahaha~


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