Finally got to watch it a while ago.. I had planned to go watch “We Bought a Zoo” at first but the last show is on 19:10 and I couldn’t make it, so it’s between “The Darkest Hour” and this. I was leaning toward “The Darkest Hour” at first since MI4 is so late.. But time flies when you window shop.. Hehehehe..

I think it’s cool. No story, as expected, but the action is pretty cool. Especially that wall climb up Burj Khalifa. Dumno how they film that.. Oh, The sand storm was pretty cool as well..

One thing keeps nagging me though.. The nuke codes sold to the bad guy is supposed to be scrambled right? The scanner was set to scramble the numbers right? They even tested it before hand and it worked. I also don’t remember them figuring out that it was scrambled or even stealing the real codes.. So how does the codes work straight away?? Am I missing some scenes or something??

I can’t really remember the last movie so I don’t really get the story about the wife dying.. Anyhoo, I kinda enjoyed the movie, and that’s what matters right?


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