Greatest Hits

I want to wrap up 2011 (it’s gone already btw) and just list all the highlights of the year (for me).

Best of the best:

Best friends:
plural coz I can’t just say 1 name… In no particular order: Lyshe, Linda, Lisan (my 3 Ls), Maria, Stephen, Hans, Fendy, Tommy, Yuly, Amanda, Wendy, Becca, Debz, Amna, Deepi, Yuli. I feel really blessed I got a chance to know each and everyone of you. Let’s have a good one this year!

Best thing that happened to me:
This was fairly easy. Getting a job coz it changes everything.

Best moment:
Have to say… when that cake came out I was really surprised I don’t know what to say…

Best movie:
Definitely have to say X-men: First Class. It was in a word: AWESOME!

Best drama:
This is kinda hard… but I think I have to say Secret Garden. Just coz it’s unique and fresh. 49 days lost by a close margin though… Hahaha..

Best brunch place:
Hands down on Kith.

What else? Anyone? I’ll update the list after I can think of another best. 😀


Best song:
Kinda hard this one.. Between Yonghwa’s Heartstring OST (dunno what the title is.. Mine’s written in korean.. >___<) and One Direction's One Thing (which is stuck in my head currently)

while I'm at it, I'll also list what I thought are my accomplishments on 2011..

Getting a job certainly tops the list. ;D After I-don't-want-to-remember-how-many-months I finally got one. So yay me! \(^o^)/ AND I managed to keep it even after 3 months passed. HAHAHA..

I get to live on my own in a foreign country – still alive, so that ought to count as an accomplishment right?

Going to church. Regardless it's only twice so far, I still think it's an improvement. Am I easily pleased? Yes, absolutely.
Note to self: find a more 'exciting' church, preferably closer to home.

Reading the bible. As I had already admitted, I'm easily pleased. It's the furthest I've ever been.. Yeap, definitely not a Christian role model.. I'm reading The Book every night now and I vow not to stop even after I finish reading the whole book.

Greatest Hits

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