Loysel's Toy CafeSo today’s the last day of 2011. Time flies. Seriously, if you just stop counting the days, blink, it’s the end of the year already..

So anyway, I decided to make a list of what happened this year that I’ll always remember. I’m flipping my diary and actually surprised at how much I wrote! Hahahaha~ I’ll be using it as reference then… ❤

Gotta admit, the year doesn’t start off that great… I had fun alright, but with no job at hand, I can’t say much about living off my parents…

Going through the year by month:

In January, I went on this annual meet with my ALL my friends, not a single person missing, and we chat and chat the night away~ XDD

Full House!!

Can we really make this our annual thing?? *poke poke*

Oh, and there’s that scary time when I get that sensation when water got into your ears, except that I didn’t go anywhere near a swimming pool. That’s the scariest ‘disease’ I’ve ever got. >__<

And I made this:

Love you gals!! XDD

And lookie, there’s my Doumo-kun that I lost shortly after I took this picture…

February seems to be all about cleaning the new house at BSD.

I stayed at Linda’s room the whole of March – that was fun! It was when I first came to a flea market too~ XDD

My family came for a visit at the end of the month and we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel. Super cool room, but I’ve no pictures to prove it… >__> We went to USS and the only picture I seem to have taken is this:

The highlight of April would definitely be the night chef Tommy cooked us dinner!

Chef Tommy in action

It was the best pasta bolognaise ever!! The fact that we ate it at nearly midnight is definitely one of the factor. ;p Just kidding, it was delicious Tom!!

We did met once for dinner at Hanamasa before.

The couple

Sorry, I don’t have any group photos. :p

I also went to a quilting lesson on April. This is the result of my short-lived career on quilting:

Guess what this is?

Nothing big happening on May.  I started knitting a scarf at the mall is probably the only interesting thing I can say… This is an ongoing project though… Haven’t exactly finished it yet… >__>

Come June, my family & I went to Kampung Sumber Alam, where we had our own hot spring pool!

Our own house of the night

We had so much fun just lazing around for 2 whole days. It’s awesome!! XDD Can’t say much about hygiene though.. I mean, getting close to nature has its consequences if you know what I mean.

This is the month when I got that MAP interview, and the Pluit interview too. Both with no results. Those depressing days…

But as the first half of the year is nearing its end, things certainly got better. I got that rushed interview with Touche and on the beginning of July got a job (finally).

So on July I moved to Singapore permanently, got myself a room in Ang Mo Kio, went here and there to get my working permit approved and went on several brunches with Linda.

Original state of my current room

That picture was taken the day I moved in. Was a mess then, still a mess now. HAHAHAHA~ Moved the furniture around though…

Waffle at ReStore

The waffles tastes AWESOME!! Love the cafe too, though when we came there’s a group of youngsters (gosh, I feel old) chatting away NOISILY right behind us… >__>

Waffles at Wild Honey

Not a good memory this one… The waffles doesn’t taste that great with so much coconut going on… The staff are not exactly friendly too… =___=

Big Breakfast at Kith Cafe

Still remember this as the best brunch ever. Good food, friendly staff, nice place. 😀

Oh, my weekend routine would be to stroll along from Orchard to Bugis, stopping by Bras Basah complex to buy used books, then did some reading at the central library.

Eggs Bennedict at Hatched

Almost forgot this. Hahaha… First time I ate Egg’s bennedict. It was… decent. We were seated outside the restaurant so we didn’t get to enjoy the decor. The portion of the food was small and I guess the number of guests way outweigh the servers. AND it’s so far out we had to come and go by taxi.

The most memorable thing about August would be SUNTEC DANCE. It’s probably the first time that I randomly saw a street dance competition (well, a competition of any kind actually) and decided to stick around and watch.

Oh, then there’s that ‘side job’ I took. All I did was sit and print out photos though, nothing interesting…

Lyshe came for a visit too!

Had brunch at Prive @ Keppel Bay.

The egg’s benedict’s so so and the staff are not friendly at all. It’s a nice place, but I don’t think I would be coming back…

It would also be when I first entered the museum! And then of course, meet Linda’s friend and hang around ’till 3 a.m. with them. Hahaha~

On September I decided to join Fitness First and chopped off my hair all in one day.

Short hair! Likey?

Went back to Jakarta on a weekend to attend my brother’s graduation and to take ‘official’ family photos at King’s. Tiring that is… But I do get some ‘me time’ on set~ ;p

Warning: stolen headpiece

Broke my iPhone on September too, and because of it, buying my first phone! Like seriously, the phones I owned before are all from my dad. I was in no way involved in the buying process. My current phone made me completely and utterly broke but I totally love it!! Hahahah~

October is when the work start piling up and I got to work on Saturdays. Also when I get to spend so much time at the office (whole lots of O.T.s). Still went to brunch though. Hahaha~

Can’t remember what the name of this dish is… Hahaha… I remember liking it, but eating too much of it makes me sick… too much cheese… >__<;; The service sucks though… And it’s a bit pricey too..

I randomly meet this guys promoting this movie:

Ghostly meeting

It’s kinda fun!! Hahahaha~ So random, but fun!!

And…. the most expensive brunch ever:

Riders Cafe

Trapped in a storm inside makes us go crazy on buying the food and all of us got a shock when the bill came out. Hahahaha~ Let’s share next time, gals.

November is more a seemingly endless tide of work. All I remember is work work work. And brunch.

Orange Thimble is a great little cafe in Tiong Bahru area. Cozy place and affordable food. Getting there was a problem though… We took the wrong bus and ended up having to wait a looooong time for the bus to come back to the MRT station. >__<;;

Lyshe, Stephen & Maria came and we had Korean BBQ dinner with Tere & her husband. We met up again on Sunday morning for brunch.

Chicken sandwich at The Broer Cafe

I had planned to go with Lyshe, but then it rained! So I stuck to Linda and her friend, Livia, and we took pictures around the cafe after the rain stopped.

Livia & Linda

Then there’s also Loysel’s – when we almost got lost.

Loysel's Toy Cafe

The kitchen was closed when we arrived and we ended up only eating quiche.

The last month of December came with lots of warmth. I’m such a blessed girl.

Surprise birthday cake

I have the AWESOMEst friends!! XDD This proves it!! I can’t thank you all enough for this! Of course I had a birthday dinner with my family on my birthday and that was nice too.

As if that’s not enough proof, this came in the mail:

Early Christmas present

You know what’s inside, thanks again Sara!!

For Christmas Eve I ate at my boss’ house. First time to eat turkey! Hahahaha~

Then it’s gift exchange and Christmas tree hunting on the 25th.

My Santa outfit

And to close the year:

Christmas card from afar

Thanks for the card Wendy!!

It has been a GREAT year. Reliving it now made me feel trully grateful to have each and every one of my friends in my life and of course, my family. I shall hope that my love life would also go up in the new year… ;p


One thought on “2011

  1. So, I was reading and seeing all pictures (and wow, that’s quite a super review of your year) and then I was deciding whether I should comment or not, because there’s just so much… and then I saw it !!! XDDD So, I HAD TO comment ^___^ Waaa, I’m so happy you received it, and you even posted it here!! ^_^

    I hope you have an awesome 2012 awaiting you!!!

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