A Trip to Bata

Soooooo.. I had the intention to go to the gym tonight, I really do. Honest! Buuuuuut.. I ended up coming out of the office at 8 then after my pasta dinner, it’s already 8.45 quite impossible to get to the gym and work out.. That’s why I ended up in Bata. I had wanted to buy a new sandal for quite sometime now.. Just that I haven’t found anything that’s both comfortable and pretty.

Well, a couple of days ago I went to that store while waiting for my friend to come, and I managed to narrow it down to 2 choices.. A lighter color one, which I really want and need, and a black one which is more comfortable.. I ended up not buying anything that day, still conflicted on which one to buy. I saw a really pretty (and comfortable) oxford shoes, but it’s 45++ so I held myself. Especially because it’s not what I currently need..

Then today I head back to the store determined to decide which one to buy. The lighter one’s gone.. Which I guess is ok since I found a similar one in Charles & Keith (though a tad bit more expensive).

So here it is!


What do you think? Pretty? Or not so much? Do leave a comment! ;D

A Trip to Bata

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