On Leave

I took 2 days off work and went back to Indonesia from last Friday (Dec 2) ’till Tuesday (Dec 6).

I had wanted to relax n basically stay home the whole day but I ended up going out the whole day everyday.. It was tiring, but since I can sleep on the way it’s alright I guess..

I went to Grand Indonesia and watched ‘The Legendary Amazons’ on Saturday. In short, it sucks. Don’t watch it!

On Sunday I went to meet up with my friends on Central Park Mall to have lunch at Palem Café, a restaurant where one of my friend works as a chef.

Thankfully the head chef was not present, had he been working I don’t think Tommy will be able to come out of the kitchen and chat with us.

20111207-195633.jpgChef Cesar salad by Chef Tommy. 🙂

20111208-104743.jpgDessert was also made by Chef Tommy. 🙂

It was such a fun day, being able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for months, but the pinnacle was definitely the cake!


it was something I didn’t suspect at all! I mean even as Tommy walked towards us carrying the cake and all the staff was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ my head went blank and the first thing that I could think of is, “Who’s birthday is it?”

I so totally haven’t registered that it’s my birthday and well, I had said that us meeting is just coz I was back and got time to spare, not a birthday lunch or anything like that.. I was really happy that they did it though! And the choco banana cake tastes AWESOME! o(^▽^)o

20111208-193701.jpgChoco banana cake by Chef Tommy.

So out of the leftovers, I took 1/3 home, Lyshe took 1/3 and we leave 1/3 for the staff. 😀 I was worried coz usually I would be the one who have to eat those kind of things (namely desserts) at home and no one else would touch it. BUT!! Even my dad thought it’s delicious!! Hehehehe~ ï¼¼(^o^)/

Then comes Monday. We went to Mangga Dua and I got myself a new black rimmed glasses! Haven’t taken a picture yet though, I’ll post it later.. 😉

After a tiring half day in Mangga Dua, we head to Plaza Senayan. We walked around while waiting for my bro to come and when he finally did we went to Paradise (it’s really the name of the reataurant btw) for the actual birthday dinner.

20111208-193732.jpgXiao Long Bao.

It was absolutely delicious! What I love most about it is when I bite a bit of the skin off and drink the soup inside. It’s a bliss.. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

20111208-193742.jpgLet’s not forget about the birthday noodles.

The Chinese believe that if we ate noodles on our birthday we will have a long life. That’s why I’ve never had a birthday when I don’t eat noodles. Any excuse is good to eat delicious food right? Anw, not saying that this noodles is not delicious, but it’s certainly not as good as the other dishes we ate.

20111208-230344.jpgLast comes the dessert.

It’s coconut water made into jelly inside a real coconut. It’s delicious!! XDD

20111209-142927.jpgBirthday pau.

We didn’t order this, so I really hope this is complimentary.. Delicious, but since we were already really full, we had to just push it in.. Hahahaha..

I didn’t go anywhere on Tuesday. Just watched Leverage at home then get ready to go to the airport, which marked the end of my short trip.. 😦

On Leave

One thought on “On Leave

  1. Your days seemed really nice ^__^ It really sounds like a nice trip!!
    Wow, your friend’s dishes look so delicious!!! *__* Salad and dessert look just totally my taste!!! The cake looks so nice, and furthermore, the inside looks so good!!

    And now I’m totally curious, from your birthday dinner, I’ve never tried anything O__O But it looks good!!! Now I’d like to go eat something different, but I have no idea if I can find food like that here!!! XDD

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