Real Steel

Finally got to watch this 2 weeks ago (I said finally coz it’s been around for 2-3 weeks before I got to watch it).

It was a fun movie! Of course I watched it mainly for Hugh Jackman, but that boy isn’t bad at all.. ;p he’s a really good actor mind you..

The storyline is not really there yet I think.. Interesting concept, but not that deep.. Deep enough to interest and definitely good enough to enjoy.

I don’t really like Jackman’s character at first – arrogant fool who’s heartless enough to sell his own son. But then again, that’s what makes the story right?

I must say, I can’t believe I can enjoy robot fights. Though I did expect a lil’ bit more on the storyline.. There are several hints that the robot can actually understand you.. But ’till the very end nothing major happened..

Wouldn’t mind a sequel for this.. Though I will hope for more plot that time round.

Real Steel

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