The Kane Chronicles

There are 2 books from the Kane Chronicles so far:

The Red Pyramid

The Throne of Fire

Different than Riordan’s other 2 series I read, this series is about the Egyptian gods. Which is actually why I’m not really interested on it at first. I’m not so interested in Egyptian myths see..

The story is about the Kanes – obviously. A sibling, Carter and Saddie. They lost their mother when they were little and lived apart since then. That is until one Christmas when their father decided to destroy the most important Egyptian artifact in the British museum and got locked in a golden coffin by Seth.

Uncle Amos took them under his wings but soon got kidnapped walked into a trap.

It was an action packed adventure with lots of magic with a hint of love.

In The Red Pyramid, their mission is to stop Seth from fully waking up and consume the world in chaos.

The Throne of Fire told their story on waking Ra, the king of the gods, and stop Aphopis from breaking out of his prison.

Both are narrated by Saddie and Carter in their own ways. Super fun and exciting! Can’t wait for the sequel!!

The Kane Chronicles

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