Son of Neptune

Just finished reading this! I so look forward to it since I finished reading The Lost Hero last year. I just can’t wait to read Percy again!

He’s one hero I really like! I was sad when the Percy Jackson series ended.. But reading The Lost Hero makes me happy again – not that the Kanes chronicles is bad or anything.

What with JK Rowling not releasing any books and Christopher Paolini not finishing the Last book of the Inheritance cycle yet, Rick Riordan is fast on becoming my fave author! His witty sense of humour and fun way to convey the story from different perspective is just awesome! d(^_^o)

Percy is already made a movie sometime last year I think. The Lightning Thief? Those of you who haven’t read the book yet, READ IT!! It’s super fun and waaaaay more interesting than the movie!

I totally love him because one, he’s not the most powerful hero (shown on this book) and he just wing it – not always knowing what to do, but doing it anyway. Harry Potter sometimes is sometimes a bit dumb (yea, I’m talking about that time when he just run headlong to Voldemort’s trap not even making sure Sirius is okay eventually causing Sirius’ death – I’ll hate him forever because of it) but Percy’s not so much. Hahahaha.. He did regular stupid things, but always dependable when needed.

Jason was actually more my type – blonde, blue eyes, can fly – but still Percy came first. You just can’t help it! Hahahaha..

Anw, about the book, it’s obviously a sequel to The Lost Hero and yayness to have Percy narrate the story (well, 1/3 of it at least) again! There’s lots of Roman gods’ names I’m not familiar with, but whatever. The author kindly jot down all names and gives description For them at the back.

Though the ability to control water is hard to beat, the 2 new heroes to complete the Prophecy of Seven have abilities to envy. Hazel Lavesque can control any procious metal (or stone) under the earth, and Frank Zhang, well, you gotta read the book if you wanna know.

As awesome their powers are, the quest they must undertook is still the hardest yet, what with Gaea a.k.a mother earth as their enemy and their enemies refusing to die – as Death is captured and chained in the land beyond the gods.

Their quest? To go to Alaska, free Death, claim the Eagle of Rome, fighting an unkillable giant in the process and return to Camp all in 4 days time.

Got my mom to buy me a copy when she went to US in the beginning of October.

Awesome book, but now I have to wait until next year to read the sequel. Judging by the book’s title, I predict 7 books for each of the prophesied hero. Hopefully I’m wrong..

Son of Neptune

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