I’m a Narcist at Heart

What can I say? I am a narcist. Though I rarely take pictures of myself nowadays (mainly coz I gained so much weight) I can’t just miss out an opportunity when it preaented itself. That would be stupid, right?

So last month when I had to go back home for my brother’s graduation and family photo I took it. With full makeup done and a set in front of my eyes, I think it’s the logical thing to do ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


That’s makeup at its finest I tell you. Hahahah.. The head piece I ‘borrowed’ from some bride whose dressing room we used to change clothes. My iPhone served me well, yes?


This is taken by my dad’s iPhone4 and edited using an iPhone apps called ‘Pixlromatic’. Looks pretty cool huh?


Also with the same apps. Trying to go with a softer feel..

I’m a Narcist at Heart

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