Johny English Reborn

Watched this last Saturday with friends. A totally refreshing thing to watch after having to work on a weekend..

After watching this, all I can say is: Johny English is the luckiest man alive!! Hahahahaha.. No matter how silly he did things, they always seem to work out in his favor somehow!!

I especially love the chasing scene where his ‘wit’ made it possible for him to actually capture the guy! Rowan Atkinson is bloody brilliant!! o(^▽^)o

Though I must say, the reason behind the title is a bit boring.. And well… I like Crazy, Stupid Love better… Sorry for the somewhat unbalanced comparison, but it’s 2 movies I watched just recently and I just can’t help but compare. Crazy Stupid Love made quite an impression on me I guess…

Johny English Reborn

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