Crazy Stupid Love

A movie I watched a couple of weeks ago. I heard about it from the radio (yea, I listen to the radio everyday now in the office) and it sounds really interesting, and I was desperate to watch something… So yea… without really knowing that much about it, I decided to go to the cinema and watched it.

I have to say, if I had expected anything of it, it far exceeded my expectation. It was absolutely AWESOME! I’d say it’s the best romatic comedy I ever watched. Completely fresh and absolutely HILLARIOUS!

I thought it was a bit predictable at first, but after a while nothing is what you’d expected. Especially the climax. That scene in the backyard (for those who have watched, you’d know what I’m talking about) is absolutely unexpected and well, made me laugh until my stomach hurt.

I’d definitely recommend this film, especially for you who wanted to de-stress and just laugh.

Crazy Stupid Love

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