New Haircut

Suddenly decided to chop off my hair on Saturday. So I went and ask my friend of the hair salon she goes to and went on Sunday.

Should probably mention that before I went to the salon, I went to Fitness First – a gym if some of you haven’t heard of it. My intention is just to ask how much the membership costs. But the consultant I talked to kinda talked me into signing up for it right away.. Well mainly because for first time comer she told me that I’ll only have to pay $14 instead of the usual $100 for the joining fee – and she upgraded my membership to a passport one (meaning I can go to other branch as well). So yea, I’m now a (somewhat) proud member of Fitness First.

Back to topic, after spending more than $200 I head straight to Far East, to a salon my friend had recommended (to be completely honest I took a quick detour to buy bubble tea). Had to wait to more than an hour until the hair stylist is ready for me.


And so he began cutting. Cutting. More cutting. He even used that buzzing electric devide they usually use for men.


And so it became that short! Hahaha.. I don’t mind The front, but I feel the back is waaaay too short.. I kept touching the back!

Ready for the final result?


I must say I like it. Never had this kind of hairstyle (never had my hair so short!) before but I really enjoy the change. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ To think that once upon a time I would even cry when I had to get my hair cut… >__<;;

New Haircut

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