ReStore is an adorable little cafe cum antique store which also happen to be the very first I ever visited. It’s located in Tanjing Pagar area, quite near the MRT station.

The Banana Caramel waffles I ate the last time.

The thing I recall most about this cafe is its excellent waffles, and craving for one, I headed straight to it after getting my s-pass (at last). I ordered ice cappuccino and beri beri good waffles.


The ice cappuccino is served without any sugar in it, which I drank as coz the bitterness actually balanced out the sweetness of the waffles for me. ;D

The waffles is not as good as I remembered I’m afraid.. They’re good, but just not that good.. I dunno what’s wrong.. Anw, the cream and fruits were delicious, so is the extra vanilla ice cream.. o(≧▽≦)o

Eating delicious food while listening to soft jazz music at the back ground is just super relaxing.. Definitely a place yo hang out..


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