This was actually last week’s brunch.. But I totally forgot to write sonething about it.. Hahaha.. ^___^;;

As the name suggested, it’s a cafe specialized in anything involving eggs. So I thought it was perfect to try my first ever eggs beneddict.

20110807-013040.jpgSir Bennedict.

For those who doesn’t know what an eggs bennedict is, it’s basically poached egg on top of ham/bacon and half of an English muffin. Sir Bennedict uses fried bacon.

I’d have to say, the egg was not properly seasoned as I really can’t taste any trace of any seasoning what-so-ever on the eggs. The bacon was really salty, so it covers the somewaht tasteless egg. The muffin had that smokey taste to it, so I reckon it must be grilled, but there’s too much butter for my taste.

The next element of the dish is the mashed potatoes.. There’s lumps in it, and though it was OK for me, but I do wish to eat a soft and silky mashed potatoes for once.. I freaked a bit after knowing my salad uses balsamic vinegar as its dressing, but it’s not as bad as I remember.. I actually enjoyed the faint acidic taste it had combined with the fresh herbs..

They serve a small and large portion and I got the small one with 1 egg.. I had thought that the choice of 2 eggs meant they will give 2 eggs on 1 muffin, I had opted for just 1.. But apparently not as I glanced around to my neighbor to find out.. The small portion definitely won’t be enough for ppl with big appetite, even I didn’t feel as full as I usually have – which probably should be a warning sign for me to as how much my stomach has expanded.

Anw, Hatched is located at Evans Lodge – very near Singapore Botanical garden. Do come early and the place is almost always packed and being seated outside the adorable cafe just prevents you to experience the place fully..


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