Rose Macaroon

So I just watched the episode of Masterchef Australia 2 where there are 4 people facing a pressure test. They were asked to build a tower of macaroons and once I learned that macaroons are actually quite difficult to make, I figure Starbucks is not the place to taste it – which is exactly what I did in Narita airport..

The one I bought there tasted like raw sugar.. Now, I’m a big fan of sweet flavor, don’t get me wrong.. But it feels as if the whole thing was made out of sugar.. It was super crunchy and just blah.. And of course the young and naive me thought that it was how every macaroon tasted like.. Until yesterday that is..

I was totally inspired to try a ‘proper’ macaroons.. And guess what I found today!

20110724-020921.jpgRows and rows of macaroons taunting me to eat them!

I’ve actually passed this shop quite a number of times, but since I have that moronic idea in my head that macaroons are yuck, I never paid much attention to it.. Until today.

As you can see Canelè, which is located in Raffles City Mall, offers a wide range of macaroons. I decided to try the rose macaroon, which is one of their best sellers.


The outside is not as crunchy as I had imagine but it is soft and a bit gooey.. which is nice. It’s super sweet – but it’s just as what you would have expected from something made of icing sugar to taste like.. For me, the buttercream is the real winner. There’s a hint of rosey kind of taste.. as promised by the info.

I could definitely foresee a whole lot of revisits in the future.. ;D

Rose Macaroon

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