X-men: First Class

Finally watched this the Wednesday after I watch Transformer. I said finally coz as you may or may not know, Indonesia has no Hollywood movies within its cinema nowadays.. Result of the company that manages the cinemas not wanying to pay some tax to the goverment.. So yea, it was one thing I’m really excited about when I moved to Singapore..

It was absolutely AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! XDDD

Unlike Transformer, this actually have some sort of storyline to it. AND it was brilliant. You could probably see my eyes full of starry admiration after I watched it.

What I love most about it is that it doesn’t have too much unnecessary destruction, unlike Transformer. Pardon the constant comparison btw. I just can’t help it since I watch them so closely together..

Lucas Till being in it is just cherry on top of already yummy cake.. XDD He played really good as Havoc btw.. Though everyone is such a good actor.. Haha..

Watching half way through, I really wonder how such friendship can be broken.. And to be quite frank, I totally get and agree of what Eric aka Magneto did, though maybe not to the same extreme. I nean after all he’s been through? After all they did? Humans are the scariest of all the species that had, has AND will walk the surface of the earth..

I like how well they place the Timeline is btw. And the clips of old news.. Brilliant!

Watching it was totally worth the money.. And the cab ride home.. Though I should probably not do it again anytime soon.. It’s expensiiiive.. >___<

X-men: First Class

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