Transformer: The Dark Side of the Moon

Watched the third movie of Transformer on Sunday with my friend.

Just after our visit to Kith Cafe actually.. To be completely honest, I went to watch this for the sake of watching actually.. Because the series so far has no storyline what-so-ever. And of course this one is no different..

What I found strange right away is how Sam got into relationship with another girl.. I mean, didn’t that girl declare her undying love for him last time? But somehow she dumped him, so cruelly even, her name is taboo.. WTH?

The graphics is super cool as usual of course. Hail autobots!! Hahaha..

I’m surprised to see Patrick Dempsey though.. Especially as he’s playing the bad guy.. Josh Duhamel is always good to see, especially since his character in this series is a super cool one.. I do remember him having a wife and a newborn though.. When the series started. Whatever happen to them? Or did I get that part from sone other movie?

Now, about the new girl.. As boob factor is apparently crucial to get this series going, I must say, I like her better than the first.. Can’t even remember her name now.. -___- The new girl looks way hotter – though I suspect her being partly French has something to do with that.. French girls have the tendency to look hotter, no?

Hopefully the series continues.. Even if there’s no definite storyline, we sure love to see them autobots kick ass, don’t we?

Transformer: The Dark Side of the Moon

One thought on “Transformer: The Dark Side of the Moon

  1. i want to go watch it, but i haven’t watched the second one! i went to rent it before i left for vacations, but there wasn’t any available at blockbuster ^^” i have to go again soon…

    i heard they had to change the actress because of problems with megan fox, so, they probably had to make up a quick story for the new girl XD

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