Kith Cafe

So I went on another cafe-hopping trip with my friend last Sunday. This time, our destination is Kith Cafe, an adorable little cafe situated just beside the quay. It isn’t close to the hassle bustle of the city and the peace and quiet is such a nice change. Mind you, right outside my window there’s a construction happening almost 24/7… =____=

Anw, we went there for brunch but since I know I won’t get there before 12, I ate my breakfast, so technically it is my lunch.

I decided to have the Big Breakfast, which is pretty close to a typical English breakfast I think. Toasts with chilled salted butter, homemade strawberry jam, roasted tomatoes, bratwurst, bacon and scrambled egg.


Big Breakfast

I’d say it was pretty good dish. Although the egg was a bit runny, it’s seasoned perfectly and didn’t make me gag. The bad thing I could say about this dish is that the bacon is overcooked, and overcooked bacon is dry and salty… >___< The homemade strawberry jam however, was a lovely surprise. I thought it was tomato sauce before actually tasting it. ^__^;; It has the perfect balance of sweet and sour – for me at least. And I like the fact that the strawberries are not completely crushed. I actually ate it by itself as I had devoured the toasts with the butter.

Now we all know of my fondness of blended things… so I think it came to no surprise that I pick blended mocha as my drink. Nothing can ever go wrong with chocolate I tell you. ^__^ Anw, it was a tad bit too sweet for me… at first I didn’t actually tasted it, but apparently they dusted cacao powder on top and once that had blended in, the drink became sweet…

As for the seating, I do suggest the seats outside. The cafe is very small, so there are limited seatings inside. Plus, it means seating next to the grill… the smoke is unbearable at times! I think the atmosphere is really nice outside… and the wind is blowing pretty frequently too when we were there, so I had no complaint about that.

The price is not that expensive either. Compared to last week’s Wild Honey that is. The dish I ordered only costs SGD 14.00 and the drink SGD 6.00. Not too bad, yes?

Kith Cafe

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